Cheap Stone island armband authenticity identification

According to different clothes styles, the cheap stone island armbands will appear in different positions. The most common armor on the outer sleeve is usually in the middle of the left arm. It is detachable. Please pay attention to it.

Where is the stone island sale armband?

Regarding the position of the stone island sale armband, the armband of the clothes is on the left arm or the center of the front of the clothes. Some down vests will be in the position of the clothes; the badges of the pants are mainly on the left knee, and the jeans are on the buttocks. The armband pattern is a compass, the armband is detachable, and the two buttons on the clothes are attached to the garment.

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Stone island armband true and false identification

The stone island armbands are lined, workmanship, and materials are very detailed, which can help us identify the true and false of the stone island armband. Let’s first take a look at what kinds of regular armbands are:

The first type of armband is the most common but classic. Bold text, a yellow-green compass forms the yellow-green compass rose badge. The significance of the compass is to praise the military inspiration of the brand and the spirit of the new exploration of the founder Massimo Osti.

The second type of armband is a monochrome armband, also called a ghost chapter. There are roughly white, black and red (feeling red is earlier, now some items are black and white). Why is it called a ghost chapter? It seems that according to the explanation of the manager, this is a modern disguise.

The third type of armband is the white compass badge, also known as the champagne chapter. Most of this is used for limited editions. The fabrics of this chapter are more advanced and the price is very high, suitable for collection.

Cheap Stone island armband

Why stone island is popular

In addition to Stone Island’s own design and efforts, the collaboration with other street brands has directly expanded the influence of Stone Island. For example, since 2014, the joint name of Supreme, the first wave of the universe for four consecutive years, has made Stone Island red and purple. Others include brands such as adidas, NIKE ACG, and New Balance. Joint planning.

In addition, the reason why Stone Island can be so successfully integrated into the trend circle and the tops and pursuits of a lot of stars is not unrelated. Speaking of the star that can best be brought to Stone Island, the non-rapper superstar Drake (the male duck) is a different item on Stone Island in many occasions. Travis Scott’s upper body, which is highly sought after by the new generation, extends Stone Island’s real influence to a wider range of popular culture. Once this “unknown” cult atmosphere spreads, it will be a success in the field of fashion.

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Stone island brand status

Stone Island has an irreplaceable position in the fashion world. If you want to vote for the next domestic big and small star airport street shooting, what brand must you wear? Stone Island must be on the list. Many times, a brand does not understand that it is a bonfire. For example, in the early years of New Balance, such as the former Ikea, the fake hipsters thought they were the wind, and the real people in the heart were the grass.

Many people know that Stone Island is a company with C.P Company, and the style is very similar, but in fact Stone Island was originally created as a deck under the C.P Company. And the person who created these two brands (and of course many more brands), Massimo Osti can be said to be the number one person who created modern functional/sportswear, which may sound a bit exaggerated, but Osti is for the industry as a whole. It’s a bit like Edison in the fashion world.