Which country is the brand of cheap stone island?

Which country is the cheap stone island?

Italian functional fashion brand.

Stone Island sale was founded with surprise, as everyone said, it was in 1982. At that time, the company was called C.P., and it was born. C.P. is considered the father of all Italian casual wear brands. Its “subtitle” is “Massimo Osti’s Creativity”, Massimo is a graphic designer and intellectual born in Bologna. In the mid-1970s, he was the first person to be interested in spare military uniforms. He understood the enormous cultural wealth in the Italian antique market. Throughout the ages, there have been countless countless ancient and modern armies. Massimo was the first person to study the functional characteristics of these garments. He sorted out different garment versions, pockets, fasteners and clothing accessories, and studied the appearance of clothing wear and the fading effect of historical flavor.

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Cheap Stone island brand evaluation
Share a brand that I especially like, stone island sale, is a relatively casual sports brand, all clothes can be washed by machine, the design is relatively simple outdoor. Neutral brand, most men’s wear, but small size ladies can wear. There are too many public street cards now, and you don’t want to be like too many people to try this brand. Girls can change a little more, and they will have to control the wind and the woman’s style.

At the end of 17th, when Dad was traveling in Milan, he walked on the way to the scenic spot and accidentally met Stone Island. I feel that the design is super strong, especially the giant chicken statue of NATO LOGO. The friend said that it is a level with the big goose and the big man. I am afraid that I will be fired, but I can’t afford to buy it, no matter how bad it is, but compared to those who are not good at wearing and poor quality, Stone Island is the conscience of the industry! The speciality and material of the fabric, with three Words: It’s just great!

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What is the grade of stone island
Stone Island is a high-end functional clothing.

Stone Island was founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti, an Italian designer or fabric developer. Osti has developed different dyeing techniques and technical fabrics that have contributed greatly to the development of the garment.

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Stone island why fire
British culture has recently become popular in the United States. Drake and Skepta became good partners, Palace Skateboards momentumed to Supreme, and even some of my New York counterparts began talking about the brand in the INS. Walking in the forefront of British street culture, Stone Island has been popular all over the United States. Although it originated in Italy, the brand, and its highly recognizable compass symbol, has always been an integral part of the British street.

Stone Island perfectly caters to the taste of casual sports – expensive and visually appealing, and the brand logo on the sleeves allows fans to easily identify their companions without causing excessive attention. Regardless of whether Stoney is happy or not, it is inextricably linked to football hooliganism, and you will find that from Middlesbrough to Moscow, Stoney’s compass logo is spread throughout the stands and football venues.

However, Stone Island has now expanded its business beyond casual wear and can be seen in the inner city communities across the country—especially in London; in many people’s eyes, the logo on the Stone Island sleeve is masculine. An original performance. Then we can roughly guess – perhaps Drake’s love of this style and his close connection with Skepta and Boy Better Know prompted Drake to discover Stone Island.