Orthodox function brand: Cheap STONE ISLAND 2019 autumn and winter new product preview

Cheap STONE ISLAND, a famous Italian menswear brand, recently released more than 30 photos of new autumn and winter 2019 wear, including a variety of coats, jackets, sweaters, etc. The specific styles include anorak pullover coat, bomber jacket, Parker coat and other classic styles. A variety of tops with improved button closures or zip closures.

This new product may not continue to show off their classic temperature-sensitive color-changing fabrics, but this season’s brand is still very careful in the structural design and color matching of the single product, pocket position and matching, button or Velcro settings, and vivid The choice of color is amazing.

STONE ISLAND sale was the regional brand of CP COMPANY established by Italian fabric engineer Massimo Osti in 1974. A yellow and green color compass is the most obvious sign of the brand. After being upgraded to an independent brand by Narinder Duhra in 2005, the current brand owner is Carlo Rivetti. Although the brand’s philosophy and historical background are very strong, its popularity in China may benefit from the cooperation with Supreme a few years ago.

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