Want to buy but don’t know how to choose? Cheap Stone Island Getting Started Guide lets you avoid detours

It seems that starting from July to August this year, Xiaobian often recommends Cheap Stone Island to friends. I believe that many friends, especially group friends, must have an impression.

Xiaobian began to be interested in this brand around 2007, when he was able to buy one for 1-2 years. But I didn’t expect it to be so attractive after ten years.

cheap stone island brand

Xiaobian bought 7-8 stone island sale items this autumn and winter.

The reason why Xiaobian pays attention to it again is relatively simple. The design of LOGO in the recent fashion trend is still relatively popular. Various brands use their own logo to design various clothes.

Stone Island’s logo is still a lot of favorite, especially the yellow, green and black logos attached to the arms can be said to be the most popular sign of Stone Island.

This is one of the reasons why Xiaobian generally has this design on the items recommended by the stone island entry friends.

Recently, a friend has been asking, so today Xiaobian introduces you to several stone island entry guides, so that you can squander a local rich who has no money.

Before you introduce the most popular Stone Island items, let me introduce you to the beautiful Stone Island down jacket.


This is the down jacket bought by Xiaobian this year. The Crinkle Reps series is a series that has been very popular in the last 2-3 years.

Although it is very light, but the ability to keep warm is OK, wearing a hoodie sweater inside the minus five degrees 5 degrees will not feel cold.

Nylon-Metal Overshirt

This year’s Xiaobian once again focused on Stone Island because of it. As fashion trends change, popular items are changing.

The Nylon Metal Overshirt recommended today is a bit bigger to buy.

stone island sale Nylon Metal Overshirt

But it should be difficult to find these two colors at the moment, but “all black” and “olive” are also good!

Nylon Metal Pants

stone island sale clothing

This is also the same series as the Nylon Metal jacket above. However, the pants are very handsome!

how about it? It is not the same as the upper body of other pants! The strength of the Nylon Metal series lies in its texture, which is only possible with Stone Island.

Slim-Fit Tapered Stretch Cotton-Blend Cargo

Every quarter, Stone Island launches a lot of trousers, but Xiao Bian pays attention to this series every time. This year, 18FW also launched several styles, among which Xiao Bian is the most favorite and everyone can still buy this one that was released in October.

cheap stone island pants two

This trouser has two highlights, one is the stone island logo on the trousers thigh, but the trousers focus on the shape of this trousers. The lower part is contracted, but the Tapered Fit with a slightly loose upper part works very well.

cheap stone island pants one
cheap stone island pants

Xiaobian likes black, but this dark green is OK. Xiaobian has entered the black, and plans to buy a black and green one when there is a discount at the end of the year. This is the favorite style that Xiaobian bought in the second half of this year, it is worth buying.

Basic sweater

Whether it is Uniqlo or other brands, sweaters are basically a must-have item for everyone.

Then, why does Xiaobian recommend this sweater to everyone? There are three reasons. The first is good quality, the second is the “stone island mark”, and the third is the cheapest among all stone island items (about $200).

cheap stone island sweater

What about the upper body effect? Mainly to buy what size, Xiaobian recommended to buy a positive code or buy a big one.

stone island sale tee
cheap stone island t shirt
cheap stone island tee

Each color has its own charm, but at present it seems that many items are sold out. If you are willing to enter one, you can take a look at the link below.

Today’s Xiaobian recommended to everyone is a lot of stone island items, Xiaobian feels that several items must be bought when entering. Of course, in addition to these, there are many good-looking ones.

Xiaobian’s evaluation of Stone Island is that although they are expensive, they have a unique feeling.

Today, Xiaobian is just a suggestion for everyone. If you like it, hurry up!

cheap stone island clothing