Why is Cheap Stone Island so hot now?

As an Englishman in a street fashion scene, you may have noticed that a one-way cultural dialogue is taking place. Everyone knows American street culture. Almost the whole world wears Jordan and Supreme, listens to Kanye West, and speaks American slang. The United States is the birthplace of street fashion, so this trend is inevitable, I am true.

However, British culture has recently become popular in the United States. Drake and Skepta became good partners, Palace Skateboards momentumed to Supreme, and even some of my New York counterparts began talking about the brand in the INS.

Walking in the forefront of British street culture, Cheap Stone Island has been popular all over the United States. Although it originated in Italy, the brand, and its highly recognizable compass symbol, has always been an integral part of the British street.

Stone Island—or affectionately known as “Stoney”—was recently opened a flagship store in Los Angeles, the third year of its popularity with Supreme. Rappers like Drake and Travis Scott are also waving their sleeves with branded logos in front of thousands of viewers who have never seen Stone Island.

A$AP Nast and Travis Scott even argued on the Internet who first discovered “Stoney.” It’s like a burlesque – a bit like the grudge between Biggie and Tupac.

Given the rapid development of Stone Island in the United States, we should take this opportunity to make American readers more aware of the rich background of Stone Island and its importance in British fashion.

“Stone Island is rich in history, cultural connotations, and has an excellent design,” said Tol Hot Limited’s Ollie Evans. Ollie is a London Stone Island dealer who has been running this brand of old merchandise for many years. In 1999, he first met Stoney, when the staff of Birmingham City Zulu, a company of hardcore football fans, wore it for the Birmingham team.

“From the very beginning, Stone Island has a lot of fans in Europe,” Ollie explained. “In Italy in the 1980s, it was first favored by young people who are passionate about the Paninaro culture. The Paninaro culture was deeply influenced by the American films of the 1950s, but it also contained some Italian sports brands. Around the same time, British football fans followed them. The team participated in the European Cup competition and began to bring these brands to the UK, drawing on the Paninaro style and forming their own culture.”

When it comes to Stone Island, you have to mention the leisure culture of the stands. It is a subculture that was popular among the British football fans who liked the exaggerated design in the 1980s. Compared with previous generations of football hooligans who liked their team uniforms, this generation of football fans used exaggerated costumes to avoid the attention of the police and fans of the first team.

“These brands were hard to buy at first, and they were only available in Europe, so a culture of superiority began to pop up among those who wanted to buy more rare, more expensive and more creative products. Stone Island With the constant breakthrough of self-design, it aptly caters to this demand. Stone Island has gradually become part of the leisure culture.”

Stone Island perfectly caters to the taste of casual sports – expensive and visually appealing, and the brand logo on the sleeves allows fans to easily identify their companions without causing excessive attention. Regardless of whether Stoney is happy or not, it is inextricably linked to football hooliganism, and you will find that from Middlesbrough to Moscow, Stoney’s compass logo is spread throughout the stands and football venues.

However, Stone Island has now expanded its business beyond casual wear and can be seen in the inner city communities across the country—especially in London; in many people’s eyes, the logo on the Stone Island sleeve is masculine. An original performance. Then we can roughly guess – perhaps Drake’s love of this style and his close connection with Skepta and Boy Better Know prompted Drake to discover Cheap Stone Island.

Although Cheap Stone Island has a constant relationship with the tough guys and street villains (to some extent), the success of Stone Island is that it continues to break through its own innovative designs and novel fabrics. “The relationship between Stone Island and innovation is a cliché,” Ollie explained. “They have been constantly breaking through the limits of clothing technology and creating new products that others can’t think of. Since the 1980s, Stone Island has been producing reflective and thermal reaction clothing beyond other brands.”

It’s easy to see Stone Island’s high-tech and more manly masculine military style. “This is the real boy brand.” Ollie added. “It’s like, wow, this coat will change color! This one can also be reflective! This piece is made of stainless steel! This is a culture that really makes you superior, and makes you look better than your companions. “”

Cheap Stone Island’s stunning aesthetics and innovation are attributed to its designer Massimo Osti, who founded the brand in 1982 and also runs other brand companies, CP Company and Boneville. Osti left Stone Island in 1995 and founded Massimo Osti Productions and Left Hand until his death in 2005.

“Massimo Osti has designed a blueprint for Stone Island, and his valuable wealth has been far-reaching. He is bringing us a reflective jacket, a thermo-reactive color coat, a weather-proof jacket with polyurethane lining, and an inner and outer anti-wear jacket. The detachable lining of the double-layered jacket. These design ideas are now commonplace, and I can guarantee that some of his works are in the archives of other high-end fashion boutiques around the world or anywhere else.”

In fact, many of the ongoing collaborations between Supreme and Stoney are tribute to Osti. “I like Osti’s design in the 80s and 90s, so I am very happy to see his design again borrowed from Supreme’s collaborative products,” Ollie continued. “The wharf-style striped shirt, thermal reaction jacket, Tela Stella jacket (the core of Supreme and Stone Island SS15) and the helicopter jackets from their first collaboration with configuration goggles are all designed by Osti.”

This is an interesting time for Stone Island and Supreme. These two brands have a long way to go since they were founded, and they are involved in unfamiliar areas. Stone Island faces consumers on the other side of the Atlantic, and they know very little about their brand history, innovation and cultural significance – only a handful of rappers have a cooperative intention and a world’s hottest street fashion. Brand cooperation.

On the contrary, Supreme is attracting more and more young consumers, and their understanding of the history of the brand is rarely disrespectful and anti-cultural. Both Supreme and Stone Island face the same challenge: how to establish a new field and attract a large number of consumers while maintaining their brand’s credibility and historical integrity.

Ollie’s Too Hot Limited has a large collection of historical treasures from Stone Island and other standwear brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, CPCompany (Massimo Osti’s first brand), Prada Sport (Italy Prada in sportswear) A brand in the field), Iceberg and Burberry. Too Hot Limited also published an internal editorial recalling the 1990s and the beginning of this century, when the flamboyant design swept the UK.