Nike Golf x Cheap Stone Island is announced in one piece, the collision between the strongest technology!

In the Supreme season, sneakers are not available for sale at the end of July. One of the hottest content of the past few days was the new collaboration between Nike and Cheap Stone Island. Nike chose his own golf spur to design coats and sweaters with Cheap Stone Island.

When the preview map was released, everyone was full of enthusiasm. I was full of expectations for this cooperation and I was thinking about it. But after seeing the real upper body catalogue, many friends hesitated.

Nike and Stoneisland have launched two color matching products, one is a jacket (no yellow), and the other is a sweater. Nike’s logo is integrated into the costume with a very low-key covert design. The color matching also uses three solid colors of indigo, khaki and lemon yellow. What is the joint name of this time?

The true meaning of this cooperation lies in the technology of both sides of the brand. First of all, it is the heavy item of this cooperation. RASO-R 3L jacket, 3L, as the name implies, this jacket is composed of three layers of fabric, and Nike is used inside. Hyperadapt technology, the exterior uses super elastic nylon mesh and jersey fabric, the purpose is to achieve super elastic and high breathability, thereby enhancing the performance of the clothing in sports, while achieving waterproof and breathable effect.

The color of the garment comes from Stoneisland’s ready-to-wear dyeing technology, which gives the jacket a sense of technology.

The other is a round-neck sweater with double-layered light-elastic nylon. The sweater has a yellow color, and the body has a sporty design on the shoulder for the athlete to swing.

This series is made of high-performance materials, which can be used for different environments. It can be said that it is a very functional cooperation.

It seems that this cooperation may disappoint some fashion people. This cooperation is more professional and functional. It uses the technology of both sides to create the strongest sportswear, and the price of high technology will also be Very expensive pricing. What do friends think about this cooperation? The series will be released globally on July 25th. If you want to buy friends, you should always pay attention.