Supreme x Stone Island is on sale again, so what is Stone Island?

Wherever cheap Stone Island appears, the word “function” and the iconic nautical compass will surely appear.

Speaking of Stone Island, entering the public eye does not rely on hype, just like this, with the strength, squeeze into the forefront of the functional clothing industry.

So what exactly is Stone Island?

Italian leisure brand C.P. Designer Massimo Osti – a heavy standby uniform. Therefore, in the design of the main line of clothing, opened a new military functional clothing branch line – Stone Island.

The main line of the main line of apparel, after the use of new materials, has received much attention. As it does not match the main brand C.P. series products, it has become a brand new brand, focusing on creating functional clothing.

As Carlo Rivetti, creative director of Stone Island, says: “The name “Stone Island” comes from chance, probably from a double-faced truck hooded top and a resin-coated blue one. One side is red and it seems to have nothing to do with fashion. We tried various methods to transform it, hoping to make it look more tough, so we washed it with stone, and the result was unexpectedly good. We haven’t seen such a design before, and it looks like the sturdy fabric is still soft. It is not only unusual to wear it with a dazzling appearance. ”

Let’s take a look at some of the different seasons of Stone Island in the past 4 years.

Stone Island 13 FW

Using a variety of colors, clothing covers a wide range of functional items such as jackets, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, pants and down jackets. The secret of Stone Island’s success is the material.

In 85 years, the military cotton “Raso Gommato” first migrated to trendy clothing with a polyurethane coating on its surface or underlying. It is amazing in harsh environments such as wear and high temperatures. Performance, it goes without saying.

In the early 1990s, “Ice Jacket” appeared, and thermal materials began to be used on clothing. Through the change of body temperature, the change of ambient temperature will bring the concept of “discoloration” above the color of clothing. It has been used until now and has become one of the signs.

In the late 1990s, a new type of nylon canvas appeared on the choice of apparel materials. Further improve wear resistance.

In the following years, based on the above three, through the re-engineering, at the same time continue to develop new materials and add multi-color to comply with the trend, making Stone Island gradually become the fashion industry. The subsequent road of joint names has also become natural.

Supreme has always had a good relationship with Stone Island. Street-born Supreme is very optimistic about the functional clothing that Stone Island has always admired. Incorporating Supreme’s favorite flowers and camouflage elements to create a season-old rush. Stone Island also unreservedly applies the brand’s unique garment technology to joint works, allowing the brand’s consistent functionality to be extended.

Supreme x Stone Island has gradually become the benchmark for the Supreme joint series, and we look forward to the more surprises that the two will bring us next.

Italian footwear brand Diemme is also an old friend of Stone Island. Integrating Stone Island’s functionality into Diemme’s high-quality aristocratic lineage, it’s unprecedented in terms of shoe quality and usability. A variety of shoes are available for different occasions.

It is worth mentioning that Stone Island is easy to handle in different shoe boots. Waterproofness, warmth retention, etc. are brought to the shoes of different styles, so that the shoes have a sense of function while maintaining high quality.

Diemme x Stone Island 2016 Fall Winter Joint Waterproof Combat Boot

Stone Island has been working with NikeLab for only two years and is also published as “Windrunner”. Although the coverage of the product is not large, the quality of the product is as high as Stone Island.

With the Nike ACG standing with a height, the same main “function” word. NikeLab x Stone Island has a better material selection because Stone Island has exclusive technology to push sports and functions to a whole new level.

After experiencing the joint name of multi-brand and multi-type products, Stone Island has also enriched its brand mainline and gradually developed into a trend-type functional brand. The solid foundation of the 30-year accumulation is the steady rise of the brand.

So what exactly is Stone Island, do you have an answer?

What are your expectations for this time Supreme x Stone Island?