A girl who loves to wear Sup and cheap Stone Island, but says she is poor.

Ceara Maya, 18-year-old London high school student, is a loyal fan of Supreme and cheap Stone Island. She answered in a foreign media interview about her family background that her friends are most concerned about. “I never spent too much money on one. On the clothes, because I can’t sell the same price when reselling. The £210 Supreme Roses Sherpa is the most expensive I have ever bought. According to last month I estimated that I spent about £500, but if I didn’t Working and not selling anything, there is only £50 in pocket money.”

When was Ceara Maya’s favorite Stone Island brand established? That was in 1982.

At that time, the company was called C.P., and it was born. C.P. is considered the father of all Italian casual wear brands. Its “subtitle” is “Massimo Osti’s Creativity”, Massimo is a graphic designer and intellectual born in Bologna. In the mid-1970s, he was the first person to be interested in spare military uniforms. He understood the enormous cultural wealth in the Italian antique market. Throughout the ages, there have been countless countless ancient and modern armies. Massimo was the first person to study the functional characteristics of these garments. He sorted out different garment versions, pockets, fasteners and clothing accessories, and studied the appearance of clothing wear and the fading effect of historical flavor. In order to recreate these garments, he perfected an advanced garment dyeing laboratory and some printing plants in the Ravarino area of ​​Modena province. He set out to study the materials and structure, then fuse them, add coatings, and dye the finished product to change the garment.

One day, a special material appeared: a heavy truck tarpaulin with a red side and a blue side. What is it used for? In order to transform it into a fabric for the garment, he put it in the machine for a few hours of stone washing and then softened its structure through a softening process. The first prototype has an incredible effect, but it is completely different from all C.P. products and is not part of the logo. Therefore, we finally decided to make 7 coats called “TelaStella” with this unique fabric and named the series: Stone Island.

Stone Island has a nautical style, like a tarpaulin that has been corroded by sea water, and an army style based on the research background at the time. The name also symbolizes the love of the ocean and the process of manufacturing it. This badge – an embroidered logo that makes the brand stand out from the first series – contains a compass pattern, like a medallion on a military uniform.