At the launch of Supreme x Cheap Stone Island, I saw a third-party black technology.

At the Tokyo sales site of Supreme x Cheap Stone Island 2017 FW, the trend of Japan and overseas was highlighted and displayed this week. It is worth mentioning that heavy rain has started in Shibuya on the day of the sale, but this does not reduce the heat of trend lovers.

▲ The scene of the sale of wealth

The hot spot on the scene is due to the brand blessing of the street king Supreme, but it must be said that it is also closely related to his joint object Stone Island. Stone Island is known for its brand-rich fabrics and designs. It can be said that the joint name of the two brands is also an organic blend of two different styles, which is sincere.

▲ This season’s joint topic is quite high

Supreme’s new and old items are mostly worn or used by people from all walks of life. The success of the queued scene turned into a fashion show for Supreme. However, the untimely rainfall has made the scene awkward, and most players can only rely on cold hats and jackets to maintain the previous year. But at the scene we found this.

That’s right, an umbrella, a 3M umbrella with a Supreme logo print. But it really isn’t a simple umbrella. The reason for this is not because it is a single item launched by the King of Roasted Meat, nor because the umbrella-bearing teenager stands out in the rain. Rather, it acts as a rain gear, and it is just as great as the protagonist of the day, Stone Island, with its technologically rich fabrics and designs.

▲ Supreme 16fw shedrain umbrella 3M

Want to know where you are? The highlight of the 16 Fw Supreme 3M Umbrella is definitely not just on its 3M. It’s a joint list. How hot and sturdy the Supreme joint name is, you must know it, and Supreme’s joint object is definitely not a nameless person.

Hermes of the umbrella

An umbrella brand, can you still have a big deal? As you might think, this is a brand that was established as early as 1947. Time can tell a lot of things, but in addition to a long history, what else can this umbrella brand say? Don’t worry, I promise you won’t regret it.

ShedRain, a family brand specializing in rain gear in the United States, a brand that provides a lifetime warranty. Because Oregon’s climate is warm and rainy, there are an average of 155 rainy days per year. In 1947, ShedRain was founded in Portland, Oregon, and a legend was born.

▲ ShedRain Auto Open Stick Umbrella

Since it is called legend, ShedRain must have its own uniqueness. Different from luxury brands, it is famous for its luxury design and only exists in the umbrellas of high society and fashion shows.

▲ Vintage Middle Ages LV Flower Umbrella

▲ Chanel airlines rain and rain umbrella

It is also different from the McQueen umbrella that used to be highly popular in the dark style.

▲ Alexander McQueen Shantou Umbrella

More different from the major trend brands, the seasonal rain gear launched for the consumption heat, the logo printing is sold without any sincerity.

▲ A Bathing Ape Camo printed transparent umbrella

ShedRain’s winning key lies in its superior quality and design that is always avant-garde in the times. All Lifemarks on the ShedRain brand will be labeled “Lifetime Warranty”. Therefore, many people joked that if you want to buy ShedRain’s umbrella, you must pick a good look. Because it is not good to accidentally use this umbrella for a lifetime… Dare to make such a package, how to think about the quality.

Stunning materials and designs

As mentioned in the previous article, ShedRain’s material and design are also highly avant-garde and technological. As an umbrella, his composition naturally consists of two parts: the rib and the umbrella. ShedRain’s ribs have evolved from the earliest wood, copper, and stainless steel, and have been used in the highest grades of FRP fiberglass. Features of FRP materials In addition to the sturdy texture of thin materials, the two most important points are: non-conducting and anti-corrosion. This also guarantees the safety and durability of the ShedRain umbrella.

▲ Teflon material loaded with Teflon and ribs made of FRP fiber

In terms of the umbrella surface, the entire line of ShedRain umbrellas is made of Teflon. I have started a product of this brand. After being used in rainy days, the surface of the umbrella is slightly shaken, and the rainwater will converge into large raindrops that will automatically fall off the umbrella surface. It can be said that such quick-drying technology has greatly improved the convenience of use, and it is also similar to the quick-drying fabrics of the popular sports brands. ShedRain has always enjoyed the reputation of Hermes in the umbrella, so it is known that its design is very different from the popular way. Good design is often seen, and ShedRain pays special attention to the details of the umbrella.

▲ The details on the top are guaranteed to not leak

The most handsome of ShedRain is his black technology product, which can be used to charge the e-Motion automatic umbrella. The umbrella can be automatically opened and closed with a single push of a switch. Freedom in and out of the room, free your hands. It is worth mentioning that e-Motion can be charged for a few months at a time. This long-lasting power usage can be used to outperform all types of mobile phones with a long standby.

The trend of the trend is the product of life, so it must not be separated from life. Otherwise, in the past few years, supreme will not turn over the cold food of the daily necessities. You can use a logo and a blast to make me admit that you are a hipster, but look at the city where you are wearing a functional coat and poncho and still can’t escape the heavy rain. I still choose to be silent and raise ShedRain in my hands.