Previously playing Supreme’s net red, what brand are you playing now? Of course, the cheap stone island

Supreme has long been squandered by Supreme Italy, supreme NYC, supreme Spain and other “legal” fakes.

Ordinary players are only waiting for the box logo every year and there is nothing to look forward to.

It seems that today’s supreme has no exciting single items, and it is not too much to say that it is being abandoned by major online red and trend icons.

Next, let’s take a look at the net reds who used to be popular with Suprem. What brand are they playing now?

Goddess Adrianne Ho

No one will reject Yan Hao’s long legs and hot hot girls, just like no one can stand up to the body and wear a semi-nude swimsuit, the absolute temptation of the sexy body.

Adrianne Ho, known as the sweat goddess, brought her 30th birthday last month.

Compared with the one that relied on the unique men’s clothing match, she became the Supreme model. She is still the one who can get tens of thousands of praises in the ins with a cool swimsuit.

It was only that Adrianne, who had only spurted her body and hooked her eyes, could let her all the upper body official website “sold out” for a second.

Although Adrianne’s ins still has the shadow of the Sup singles in the season, the careful friends should have discovered that our goddess has long since changed its mind.

Because she is not the first time to quietly take off the Supreme items, sneak into the hottest cheap Stone Island.

In this year’s trip to Japan, the goddess repeated the same functional trousers three times.

This street brand from Italy, Stone Island, can capture Athena’s brand three times in a row by capturing the heart of the goddess?

To know that the street culture is in the United States, the American people speak the street slang, the American Jordan makes the Air Jordan fire all over the world, and the absolute KOL Kanye West is the pure American.

In such a big environment, the British street culture is rising, constantly challenging the status of the “Old King”.

The momentum of the Palace is almost equal to Supreme, and Stone Island has long been popular in the United States, becoming the most talked about brand in the INS.

The design of Stone Island, known as the “Stone Island” by Chinese fans, was inspired by the excitement of the football hooligans used to avoid the police and security guards in the 1980s.

Earlier with Supreme joint series

They are covered in the face of the home team’s graffiti, a collar high into the breathable jacket and old-fashioned sweatpants, so that they dare to sit in the manager’s room in the morning to drink hot cocoa, the big boss and away team fans who work on their own work. In the streets of London, a deadly battle.

Because they are the last batch of “Red Army” professional football gangs in the Manchester United club in the 1980s.

Of course, this is why Stone Island was originally only available in Europe, and Stone Island’s “masculine tough guy + functional military” style has also brought a large number of outdoor sports fans.

Waiting for this year’s 19ss series, not only the classic tooling trousers are frequently worn by the goddess Adrianne, the excellent military design and the comfortable material of sportswear.

Coupled with the application of cutting-edge metal nylon fabrics, Stone Island is known for its “function” and “pioneer” design. There are also a few celebrities on the upper body of Stone Island.