Nike and Stone Island bring innovative processes to combat climate change

Nike and cheap Stone Island bring innovative processes to combat climate change

The fourth and final season of the 2019 Golf Tournament will be held at the most challenging 18-hole course in Northern Ireland. The Links Stadium is known for its rolling sand dunes and coastal landscapes, and has hosted several major tournaments over a hundred years. Even in July, participants are faced with low temperatures and sudden heavy rains, so competition clothing also needs to cope with environmental changes.

Kelly Tweeden, vice president and creative director of Nike Golf, Nike Tennis and Nike Skateboards, said: “Considering the unpredictable weather during the game, it is very challenging, so we intend to focus on the jacket. Stone Island is an industry expert. Their performance and appearance are equally good, and they are naturally the best partner to find the best solution.”

The Nike x Stone Island Golf Collaboration series begins with Nike’s understanding of golfers. Both pieces (jackets and crew neck sweaters) take into account the range of activities during the swing to achieve the best results, and also designed a golf-specific multi-function pocket for golf balls, tees and gloves.

Carlo Rivetti, Creative Director and Chairman of Stone Island, said: “Those who love sports love Stone Island. I always feel passionate when I think of it. Golf is especially fascinating because it is a delicate sport in this sport. Focus and strength play a vital role in the athlete’s posture and performance. Fortunately, we cooperate with Nike Golf to design clothing, which gives us the opportunity to create real technical performance products. This is Stone Island’s first foray into the field of competition and the world. One of the elegant sports.”

Stone Island specializes in fabric innovations, injecting vibrant colors and smooth textures into these performance products. The outer layer of the Nike x Stone Island jacket is made of military-grade satin and bonded with a weather-resistant, breathable membrane. The adaptive fiber enhances breathability and locks in temperature, helping the athlete maintain optimal body temperature throughout the game.

Rory McIlroy’s comment on Nike x Stone Island:

“The Nike x Stone Island collaboration series is the perfect combination of style and performance. As an athlete, the requirement for clothing is to be able to cope with all weather conditions at any time and any course, which is very important to me. Northern Ireland The climate is changeable, and the series not only prepares me well, but also shows my personal style.”

Rivetti said: “While considering clothing, fabrics and processing, we have never given up on the pursuit of performance and functionality. Garment dyeing and other surface treatments can make fabric performance incomparably complex, and the work of the platemakers and tailors is also It will multiply, so everything must be taken into account accurately. Therefore, Stone Island clothing can stand the test in sports without a reason, but most importantly, we have won the recognition of Stone Island by sports enthusiasts. They think Stone Island is related to itself, loved and recognized.”

The collection will debut during the tournament. The jacket is available in two colours (grey and blue) and the round neck sweater is available in three colours (gray, blue and yellow) and will be available through NikeLab and designated stores.