STONE ISLAND| Last weekend I ate with the Stone Island manager Brunch

Stone Island, which has always been sought after with innovative fabrics and high-quality output, was born out of CP Company, from the Paninaro trend in Italy in the 1980s to the stars of Drake, Travis Scott and other stars in recent years… along the way, from one The high-end outdoor function brand step by step to the street trend leader, and the brand’s iconic compass armband has become a common symbol of the “cult symbol”.

Cheap Stone Island Pop-Up Store

From now on – November 30th

Dawang Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing SKP 1F

On the 30th, Beijing SKP opened the Stone Island Pop-Up Store on the first floor, and invited Stone Island Creative Director And Chairman Carlo Rivetti to help out. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we were fortunate to have a face-to-face chat with Carlo Rivetti and talked about some topics about Stone Island, trends, and attitudes…

Interview With

Carlo Rivetti

Stone Island Creative Director & Chairman


Carlo Rivetti


Stone Island Creative Director & Chairman

Carlo Rivetti

About Innovation

In most people’s eyes, Stone Island’s items are more like an attractive piece of art, so for you, is Stone Island’s biggest “glamour”?

I think it might be more appropriate to describe it as “unique”.

After a brief thought, Carlo replied.

Because we have been doing special products, doing innovation, and doing research, but we don’t take T-stages, don’t show shows, and don’t participate in Fashion Week. This is very different. Of course, I also totally agree that people regard Stone Island as a work of art.

Carlo said that his wife, sitting next to him, tacitly placed the ice on a coat made of Thermo-Sensitive, showing Stone Island’s housekeeping technology at the low temperature of the ice. It turned from yellow to dark gray, but when you put your hand on it, it regained its original color, which looks cool at all times.

We have been doing this since 1988 (this type of fabric).

Carlo pointed to the warm-coloured coat.

Today, we are still continuing to explore the innovation of this type of material and create more unique fabrics. You said, how many brands will do it now and study the thermochromic fabric? I am afraid there is not much. This is exactly what our consumers expect, so what we do is never “fashion” but “product” itself.

When it comes to special fabrics, in fact, the rainbow-reflective “Scarabeo” jacket in the Shadow Project series this season is a unique material that is particularly eye-catching. Can you tell me where the inspiration for each fabric creation comes from?

Stone Island Shadow Project “Scarabeo” Jacket

Reflective effect before and after

In fact, most of the inspiration comes from the process of doing Research. We constantly try and communicate which ideas are finally realized.

When it comes to fabric research, Carlo is excited.

At the same time, we also learn from the “mistakes”, and you know that people can always learn something new from mistakes.

About Shadow Project

But what is the connection between the Stone Island mainline and the Shadow Project fabrics and crafts every season? How to define the relationship between the two?

For me, the Shadow Project is extremely important.

Carlo stressed.

We don’t think about the practicality in the Shadow Project, so a lot of interesting ideas won’t be embarrassed, so you can try all kinds of crazy explorations.

As we did in the Prototype Research series, this series has a very limited output of up to 100 pieces each, and we do everything we can to try out almost impossible innovations. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to measure whether the new technology can achieve mass production. We can find some new and more practical elements in the Shadow Project and Prototype Research, and these elements can be put into the main line to achieve Mass production.

It sounds like the Shadow Project is more like a lab, and the innovative exploration of craft materials is at the heart of Stone Island.

Well, that’s almost the case, but the Shadow Project has less production than the main line, so our exploration of the process can go a little further. For Stone Island, creativity is a very important point. We are not just thinking about tomorrow, but also thinking about the future.

About Campass Badage

If you leave these technical innovations aside, in most people’s minds, perhaps the Stone Island classic compass armband is the most representative element of the brand?

No, no.

Carlo seriously denied this prejudice about the compass armband.

The most representative of Stone Island is the product. Of course, the compass armband is also very important. Although it is a way to resonate with different people, what Stone Island consumers want most is the “product”. Even the younger generation of consumers, while they like the compass, they will know the story and history behind the product. They are more eager for the future, so the “product” is the most important thing in Stone Island.

Halfway through the interview, Carlo has emphasized the concepts of “product” and “innovation” several times, as if it were everything for Stone Island.

About Collaboration

Stone Island×Supreme

Having said this, let’s ask the questions that all trend players are most concerned about: Stone Island and Supreme. Almost every season will lead to high-profile, can you simply tell the story behind the origin of cooperation?

To say that one summer a few years ago, I got a call from James, and it was just that I and my daughter were in the United States, so we arranged a meeting soon.

Carlo recalled with interest the interview with Supreme’s principal James Jebbia in his New York office.

At that time, James talked to me and suggested “Let’s join the joint name”, then…

Then just hit it off?

No, I said “no”.

? ? ? ? ?

Then I said to James, what we have to do is the product. Fortunately, Supreme, like us, is a product-focused company that can make quick decisions in collaboration. At the same time, Supreme is aimed at multi-consumer groups, and we can also make further contact with consumers of different cultural backgrounds and ages. In general, it is very interesting to work with Supreme.

Then if there are other brands looking for Stone Island to seek cooperation, would you agree?

We will probably reject at least 10 cooperation requests every week… too many people want to cooperate with us, but I don’t want to do this.


Because there are already too many joint names, and in my opinion, these joint names can no longer be called “Collaboration” but “Co-Branding”. They simply put the two brands together, but there is nothing. Substantial products look more like products of marketing, so we are not willing to do these so-called “joint names.”

Is there any brand that will make you want to work with them?

NikeLab or Supreme, and other innovative brands.

In The End

We are coming soon today, the last question: If a luxury fashion house invites you to be their artistic director, would you agree?

I think I will continue to do what I want to do at Stone Island and stick to what I like. Thankfully, fortunately, no one has asked me so far, and if there is, I will definitely refuse.

True love for Stone Island, ok, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed during your busy schedule…

and many more.

Just when everyone got up and said goodbye, Carlo suddenly stopped me.

I also have the pattern on your armband.

Then he rolled up his sleeves and revealed the tattoo marks he had washed on his left arm.

OM mark

On the day of the interview, I wore a quilted jacket from Maharishi. Looking closely, the armband pattern on the right sleeve is exactly the same as Carlo’s tattoo.

actually! This is also a coincidence, but I really don’t know what it means…

This is OM, a symbol from India. Carlo’s wife explained with a smile, it represents the voice of the universe, very sacred, in short, a very positive, positive energy symbol.

Perhaps Stone Island, like the OM imprint, exudes a positive exploration of the gas field, and it is also a kind of self-confidence to be self-satisfied in the complex trend.