Stone Island (Italian Island) Italian high-end sportswear brand

Stone Island, Chinese can be literally translated as: cheap Stone Island, founded in 1982, created by the heavy-duty military enthusiast Massimo Osti to create the top Italian casual wear brand.

Stone Island’s products are characterized by unique research on fibers and fabrics, and are designed with innovative design. Currently, they are focused on functional apparel. The products mainly include: coats, sweaters, T-shirts, down jackets, jeans, shoes and so on.

In 85 years, the brand introduced the military cotton “Raso Gommato”, which has a polyurethane coating on its surface or underneath. Since then, this is not just a fashion, Stone Island has become the target of everyone’s enthusiasm. Young people in Italy feel that Stone Island can bring them irresistible clothing and show their personality.

In the early 1990s, “Ice Jacket” appeared, and thermal materials began to be used on clothing. Through the change of body temperature, the change of ambient temperature will bring the concept of “discoloration” above the color of clothing, which has become one of the signatures of Stone Island and is still in use today. In the late 1990s, a new type of nylon canvas appeared on the choice of apparel materials to further improve wear resistance.

2012 is of great importance to Stone Island and celebrates its 30th anniversary. Stone Island has thus created three iconic garments, each representing the historical significance and methodology of Stone Island’s authoritative fashion.

Stone Island’s brand history is not too short, why has it been well known in recent years? This is to be praised by the “functional wind” of the street fashion circle.

“Functional wind” is one of the hottest styles of wear in recent years. As the most important equipment of the functional wind, it has a very high-tech integration and unique cutting design, which has both function and beauty, and has strong charm.

In addition to Stone Island’s own design and efforts, the collaboration with other street brands has directly expanded the influence of Stone Island. For example, since 2014, the joint name of Supreme, the first wave of the universe for four consecutive years, has made Stone Island red and purple. Others include brands such as adidas, NIKE ACG, and New Balance. Joint planning.

However, it is not uncommon for Stone Island to be able to integrate into the trend circle with the tops and pursuits of a star. Speaking of the star that can best be brought to Stone Island, the non-rapper superstar Drake (the male duck) is a different item on Stone Island in many occasions. Travis Scott’s upper body, which is highly sought after by the new generation, extends Stone Island’s real influence to a wider range of popular culture. Once this “unknown” cult atmosphere spreads, it will be a success in the field of fashion.

Stone Island officially landed in China in 2007. As a high-end Italian luxury brand, the future is bound to be a big wave of performance in the country!