STONE ISLAND is a brand that makes Drake crazy.

The origin of the functional wind is the concept of cyberpunk proposed by William Gibson in 1984. This force spreads rapidly and expands to become the current functional wind. So what is the functional wind? In the past, the outdoors was outdoors, and the trend was the trend. But now the two have a collision fusion, and the outdoor wear has been redefined under the exquisite tailoring of popular styles.

“Functional wind” is the hottest style of wear in recent years. This force spreads rapidly. As the most important equipment of the functional wind, the big pocket jacket must be among the best. It not only marks the image of the functional wind, but also has a very high-tech Incorporating and unique cutting design techniques.

They use a variety of pockets, high-tech fabric rope clasps and masks that you can imagine to make you look like a cosmopolitan.

Cheap Stone Island can be said to be a veteran function brand.

In the early years, it can be said that it is a European football hooligan uniform, but it also gives the brand a richer history and a greater public relations effect.

Everyone knows Stone Island, probably after the joint cooperation with Supreme, the street faucet in 2014, and the joint name with Supreme for four consecutive years, making Stone Island red.

Co-named with Nike lab and PORTER.

In the design of Stone Island, you will find it easy to find some high-tech or military materials, and put the thermal technology color-changing technology into the joint item, causing a lot of sensation in the circle.

This originated in Italy, walking in the forefront of British street culture and fashion, and has long been popular in the United States, so that Drake, Travis Scott and other stars ICON frequently come to the top.

This compass’s iconic armband logo does not appeal to you.