STONE ISLAND Beijing SKP Flash Shop Opening Exhibition Newest Collection

Recently, cheap Stone Island opened a flash shop in SKP, Beijing, to showcase the brand’s latest design items, and the brand owner appeared on the scene.

The overall store design is simple and generous. It is a flexible modular structure consisting of black square metal strips forming a grid of blank bodies for accommodating sign light boxes, stained glass and video screens.

This series is an ultra-light Dyneema composite nonwoven, the world’s strongest and most durable lightweight fiber, coated with a heat-sensitive agent: microencapsulated pigment molecules in the resin coating transition, with temperature. From pomegranate, beige to black. This material was produced in collaboration with Stone Island by the Ecco Leather and Dyneema projects. For the first time in history, the artificial Suyid Stone Island has achieved the agglutination of substances by dyeing clothing. Faux suede garments are made by a fine industrial process that is suitable for non-woven, nylon microfibers and polyurethane resins, solidified, resin coated and water washed. First time in beige. The jacket is a nylon cotton 3L or a multi-layer fusion of tank shields, created through a revolutionary process to create a high performance fabric.

Launched this season, it is elastic and comfortable. The white tiger CAMOUFLAGE outerwear and accessories are made of lightweight cotton nylon yarn printed in six colors. This is a unique blend of fibers with an ultra-thin diameter that gives the garment a special insulation. Even the color chart reflects the industrial aspect. A full, dusty or metallic tone interpretation. Pomegranate, magenta, olive green and mustard. Rose Quartz, Beige, Air Force Blue. Black, blue, gray and white.

Single product display

David-TC Parker Coat

The inner fabric of the David-TC garment is Japanese polyester/polyamide, dyed after assembly, and a water repellent is added. During the pressure dyeing process at 130 ° C, heat fundamentally changes the structure and feel of the material. These exquisite garments that are easy to carry out combine the craftsmanship and touch. Ready-to-wear with a down pad. The jumpsuit features a detachable trim with a large Stone Island embossed felt. Two large flap pockets with button closures. Two snap-on flap pockets on the chest, one with a side zip closure. Drawstring on the inside of the waist. Double pull zip closure.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is made from fabric infiltrated with lightweight polyurethane resin. The garment dyeing uses a special color formula with a water repellent. The resin retains a partial color that creates a light/soft appearance of the final fabric. This garment is specially treated with a fine down filling to withstand the ready-to-wear dyeing process. Faux fur weave trims the hood. The pocket has a zip closure. There are two flip-top organ pockets on the chest, which are snap-fitted. Sacks at the cuffs. Concealed double front zip and button closure.

Thermal leather jacket

Thermal leather jacket fabric was born in collaboration with ECCO LEATHER, The Dyneema® Project and STONE ISLAND. Leather with Dyneema® ultra-light non-composite fabric, Dyneema® is the world’s most rugged fiber. The exterior of the leather is treated with a heat sensitive agent. As the temperature decreases, significant changes in the color of the pigment molecules in the leather band and the resin coating occur. The Dyneema® hoodie folds into a stand-up collar with an internal trim. The slant pockets feature a zip closure and a nylon strap. Cuffs with Velcro. Concealed double-head zip closure with velcro. The internal down-filled nylon lining is removable. Snap and close.

Parker coat

The Parker coat is made from Man Made Suede fabric, a non-woven fabric of nylon microfiber and polyurethane resin. It is specially crafted to create 22 layers of worsted microfibers with polyethylene. After that, the fabric is impregnated with resin and strengthened. Add the polyethylene component and clean it to make it lighter. The fabric is treated with a camouflage effect. For the first time, Stone Island successfully improved the texture of the condensed fabric through garment dyeing. The dyeing formula adds special reagents to give the garment an excellent waterproofing effect. The jumper cap with detachable felt cuffs and embellished with a large Stone Island text acupuncture pattern. 2 large flaps on the front, 2 horizontal pockets on the front and side velcro closure. Velcro strap with cuffs. After the middle opening, with a drawstring. The interior is embellished with a large Rosa dei Venti StoneIsland logo and a laser tiger pattern. Double pull zip and velcro closure. Removable lining: nylon bomber jacket with long fleece lining; double sided design. The chest is embellished with Stone Island logo embellishments. Zip closure.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is made from stretch cotton velvet with Lamy nylon and velvet. This garment is specially treated with a fine down filling to withstand the ready-to-wear dyeing process. The meticulous double dyeing process adds a distinctive hue and saturation to the ready-to-wear. The dyeing formula adds special reagents to give the garment an excellent waterproofing effect. The jumper cap is equipped with a drawstring. There are air holes in the front and back. The side flap organ bag features a button closure and the other pocket features a zip closure. The cuffs are embellished with elastic bands. The gloves are filled with feathers and attached to the sleeves by snaps. Double pull zip closure.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is made from ultra-light Lamy nylon canvas and velvet inside. The fabric is matched with an adhesive film, and the fine flocking fibers of nylon are attracted by the magnetic field. A special water repellent is added to the garment dyeing formula. The slant pockets feature a zip closure. Ribbed sleeves and hem. Zip closure.

50-pin nylon-cotton blend canvas jacket

The 50-pin nylon-cotton blend canvas jacket camouflage fabric is designed with a white tiger fur pattern. Lightweight nylon-cotton blend canvas with 6 color prints, 4 pigments, 1 color paint effect polyurethane and 1 metal color. The garment is sewn with a layer of PrimaLoft® material, a unique blend of ultra-fine fibers that gives the garment excellent barrier properties. PrimaLoft® stays dry even after soaking. It is an artificial insulation material with excellent thermal insulation and extremely light weight. The garment is washed and treated with a special water repellent. Fitted with stand collar, concealed cap and drawstring drawstring. The collar and front placket are paired with wool stitching. Comes with two flip pockets and two zippered pockets. The chest vertical pocket features a zip closure. Wool ribbed cuffs. Double pull zip closure.

Nylon Metal crew neck sweater

Nylon Metal round neck sweater three-leaf nylon yarn is dyed in ready-to-wear with a metallic and iridescent appearance. Zip closure pockets. Ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem. Nylon mesh lining.