Stone Island, an experimental stone island

This is the case. Last week I wrote an article about reflection, which mentioned a hardcore brand cheap Stone Island.

About Stone Island, I think friends who are constantly in touch with the trend information must be familiar with this name, especially since it cooperated with the street ace Supreme in the past few years, it is also sought after by some trend players.

However, because of this, there are still many friends who have realized this brand through Supreme, and will classify Stone Island as a street brand and a trend brand.

However, do you know that Stone Island is actually an Italian high-end functional menswear brand that started with excellent fabric technology?

The beginning of Stone Island begins with the C.P. Company founded by Massimo Osti in 1975. Stone Island was originally an experimental branch of the CP Company, and its main advantage was the technological fabric. Due to the breakthrough in the development of innovative and technological fabrics, Massimo Osti officially took this branch out of operation in 1982. Stone Island was founded.

Under the leadership of Massimo Osti, Stone Island established its future development path at the beginning of its establishment with its experimental spirit of sleepless nights.

Due to the technology and uniqueness of Stone Island fabrics, in the short year after its establishment, Carlo Rivetti, the head of the Italian clothing group Sportswear Company, which is now the leader of Stone Island, acquired 50 of them. % of the shares became the largest shareholder of Stone Island.

Until 1996, Massimo Osti officially left Stone Island, and since then Stone Island has been handed over to Carlo Rivetti.

It is also mentioned at the beginning that the real power of Stone Island is that it can be applied to all garments and the fabric technology of the world.

Among its many technologies, the most classic, it should be the fabric technology most familiar to the trend players, undoubtedly the epoch-making fabric technology on the Ice Jacket launched during the period 1989-1990 – Heat Reactive.

As the name suggests, thermochromic fabrics are characterized by the fact that the pigment molecules of the heat-sensitive coating can exhibit different shades as the temperature changes. Simply put, the color of the garment changes as the temperature of your body changes, giving the garment an artistic look. The color-changing trench coat in the 2016 Supreme x Stone Island co-branded collection uses this Heat Reactive thermochromic technology.

In addition, Stone Island has a reflective reflective weaving technology that gives the garment a 3D look, allowing the Nylon Metal technology with glittering metallic luster to enhance the garment waterproofing technology to a new level of Tela Stella fabric, and Poly. Cover Composite double-layer perspective, ultra-lightweight fabric, uncoated waterproof and windproof fabric, multi-color camouflage fabric, etc., with numerous functional fabrics and techniques.

Moreover, in addition to the research and development of technical fabrics, Stone Island has a unique secret in fabrics is the fabric dyeing technology, also known as Garment Dyed garment coloring.

Seeing this, you may think that there is something remarkable about dyeing in the district. You can do it in a small factory in China. Indeed, if it is simply cloth dyeing, it is not worth mentioning, but Stone Island’s research on fabrics and their professionalism is beyond your imagination.

Nowadays, the dyeing process that we generally see is to dye the fabric that needs to be used first, and then to fabricate the fabric with the dyed finish. Stone Island, on the other hand, is the opposite, because they want to be free from fabric restrictions, so it is made into a garment and then the entire garment is dyed. This is also the source of the Garment Dyed ready-to-wear coloring name.

The most powerful thing is that Stone Island’s Garment Dyed garment coloring technology completely breaks the independent reaction of the cloth to the dye, and can dye any texture of the same color and color. In 2003, Stone Island succeeded in successfully coloring one of the most difficult fabrics in the world, polyester fiber, to further expand the application range of the entire process.

And, a few years ago, Carlo Rivetti revealed that Stone Island has now produced more than 60,000 dyeing formulas, which is second to none in the dyeing industry.

However, Stone Island’s experimentally desirable core makes it not just for fabric research.

In 2008, Stone Island officially established its high-end branch “Shadow Project”, which declared that it officially entered the fashion function world. Moreover, it is not Carlo Rivetti who is the leader of this line, Errolson Hugh, the founder of the functional giant Acronym.

Under the leadership of Errolson Hugh, the Shadow Project is like a duck, and the advantages of its own brand have been brought to the extreme. Not only does Stone Island’s technology blessing on the fabric, Errolson Hugh uses sophisticated calculations to make sample cardboard, which is the precision of the ratio of people to clothes, and the calculation of the exit pocket. The position of the details such as the neckline and the neckline are 100% reasonable.

Therefore, in addition to seeing the new fabric developed by Stone Island on the Shadow Project, you can also see the functional aesthetics of Hi-Fashion.

But then again, it is not surprising that Stone Island will now be mistaken for a trend brand. After all, in the current era, no matter what type of clothing brand wants to survive, we must weigh the factors of business. In recent years, the fastest and most effective way to sell brands is the combination of brands and brands. For example, Stone Island and Supreme, and Nike’s joint name, must have commercial considerations.

In this atmosphere where street culture is transformed into consumption, when a large number of things are known as streets, the human brain is naturally subconsciously labeling something on the street.

Moreover, it may be because Supreme’s label about street trends is too popular, so every time there are some brands and their names, it is easy for friends who don’t know the street trend to think that the brand that is co-branded with supreme is the street trend. related.

There is also the trend of fashion streetization in the past two years, which has caused many brands to move closer to the styles of leisure, sports, and street in the form of clothing, so that the understanding of the word street has become biased by ordinary audiences.

However, in any case, from Stone Island, such an experimental core project, the founder’s initial heart, and the manager’s insistence on operating the core function brand for many years, using the experimental high-end functional brand to define Stone Island More accurate.

Finally, the article sees here, you may be a bit disappointed, did not see the story about Stone Island’s iconic compass armband.

However, this “stone island” represents not only a compass armband, but also a lot of stories. Like the first to push Stone Island onto the fashion stage Paninaro and Causal, the North American rapper has a special liking for it, as well as various fabric techniques, joint names and so on.

But the helpless article has limited space. It is difficult to tell a variety of stories in detail in an article, so let us put our curiosity together and stay until the next time.

Moreover, now that Stone Island can be so respected and loved in fashion and fashion, it is definitely because the brand can still stick to its heart after the peak, and constantly strive for excellence in fabrics, technology, tailoring, etc., rather than relying on only one brand. Armband, you say yes.