Temasek acquires 30% stake in Stone Island

It is understood that Sportswear Company, the parent company of Italian high-end menswear brand Stone Island, has announced that it has sold a 30% stake in Stone Island to Singapore’s sovereign investment fund Temasek, but did not disclose the specific transaction amount.

Created by designer Massimo Osti in 1974, cheap Stone Island uses the same coated canvas fabric as the military tarpaulin. The design blends professional clothing, street and high-end fashion. These jackets are very popular and become their iconic goods. Since then, Stone Island has also worked with New York street fashion brand Supreme and sports goods giant Nike. Sportswear Company said it hopes to help Stone Island further expand its international market through this transaction.

In 1983, GFT, one of the predecessors of Sportswear Company and one of Italy’s largest apparel manufacturers, acquired Stone Island. Carlo Rivetti (pictured below), the founder and majority shareholder of Sportswear Company, currently serves as president and creative director of Stone Island.

In 2016, Sportswear Company’s sales reached 109 million euros, up 26% from the 87 million euros in 2015; EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) was 20 million euros, up 52% ​​year-on-year.

Carlo Rivetti said: “I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Temasek to help Stone Island enhance its competitiveness in the international market while ensuring the continuity and autonomy of the company’s management team.”

In fact, as early as 2013, Sportswear Comapny hired Rothschild as a financial consultant to evaluate the offer for the acquisition of Stone Island, but ultimately did not choose to sell.

Temasek is a Singapore-based investment company founded in 1974. Their portfolio spans a variety of business sectors such as telecommunications, media and technology, financial services, transportation and industry, consumer and real estate, life sciences and integrated agriculture, and energy and resources.

Temasek is also a shareholder of Moncler, an Italian luxury outdoor apparel brand. Together with Swiss travel retailer Dufry, it acquired a 24.4% stake in the holding company Ruffini Partecipazioni and became a new investor in Moncler. Ruffini Partecipazioni owns a 27% stake in Moncler.

Temasek is also an investor in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, Singapore Airlines and Spanish oil company Repsol.

STONE ISLAND Beijing SKP Flash Shop Opening Exhibition Newest Collection

Recently, cheap Stone Island opened a flash shop in SKP, Beijing, to showcase the brand’s latest design items, and the brand owner appeared on the scene.

The overall store design is simple and generous. It is a flexible modular structure consisting of black square metal strips forming a grid of blank bodies for accommodating sign light boxes, stained glass and video screens.

This series is an ultra-light Dyneema composite nonwoven, the world’s strongest and most durable lightweight fiber, coated with a heat-sensitive agent: microencapsulated pigment molecules in the resin coating transition, with temperature. From pomegranate, beige to black. This material was produced in collaboration with Stone Island by the Ecco Leather and Dyneema projects. For the first time in history, the artificial Suyid Stone Island has achieved the agglutination of substances by dyeing clothing. Faux suede garments are made by a fine industrial process that is suitable for non-woven, nylon microfibers and polyurethane resins, solidified, resin coated and water washed. First time in beige. The jacket is a nylon cotton 3L or a multi-layer fusion of tank shields, created through a revolutionary process to create a high performance fabric.

Launched this season, it is elastic and comfortable. The white tiger CAMOUFLAGE outerwear and accessories are made of lightweight cotton nylon yarn printed in six colors. This is a unique blend of fibers with an ultra-thin diameter that gives the garment a special insulation. Even the color chart reflects the industrial aspect. A full, dusty or metallic tone interpretation. Pomegranate, magenta, olive green and mustard. Rose Quartz, Beige, Air Force Blue. Black, blue, gray and white.

Single product display

David-TC Parker Coat

The inner fabric of the David-TC garment is Japanese polyester/polyamide, dyed after assembly, and a water repellent is added. During the pressure dyeing process at 130 ° C, heat fundamentally changes the structure and feel of the material. These exquisite garments that are easy to carry out combine the craftsmanship and touch. Ready-to-wear with a down pad. The jumpsuit features a detachable trim with a large Stone Island embossed felt. Two large flap pockets with button closures. Two snap-on flap pockets on the chest, one with a side zip closure. Drawstring on the inside of the waist. Double pull zip closure.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is made from fabric infiltrated with lightweight polyurethane resin. The garment dyeing uses a special color formula with a water repellent. The resin retains a partial color that creates a light/soft appearance of the final fabric. This garment is specially treated with a fine down filling to withstand the ready-to-wear dyeing process. Faux fur weave trims the hood. The pocket has a zip closure. There are two flip-top organ pockets on the chest, which are snap-fitted. Sacks at the cuffs. Concealed double front zip and button closure.

Thermal leather jacket

Thermal leather jacket fabric was born in collaboration with ECCO LEATHER, The Dyneema® Project and STONE ISLAND. Leather with Dyneema® ultra-light non-composite fabric, Dyneema® is the world’s most rugged fiber. The exterior of the leather is treated with a heat sensitive agent. As the temperature decreases, significant changes in the color of the pigment molecules in the leather band and the resin coating occur. The Dyneema® hoodie folds into a stand-up collar with an internal trim. The slant pockets feature a zip closure and a nylon strap. Cuffs with Velcro. Concealed double-head zip closure with velcro. The internal down-filled nylon lining is removable. Snap and close.

Parker coat

The Parker coat is made from Man Made Suede fabric, a non-woven fabric of nylon microfiber and polyurethane resin. It is specially crafted to create 22 layers of worsted microfibers with polyethylene. After that, the fabric is impregnated with resin and strengthened. Add the polyethylene component and clean it to make it lighter. The fabric is treated with a camouflage effect. For the first time, Stone Island successfully improved the texture of the condensed fabric through garment dyeing. The dyeing formula adds special reagents to give the garment an excellent waterproofing effect. The jumper cap with detachable felt cuffs and embellished with a large Stone Island text acupuncture pattern. 2 large flaps on the front, 2 horizontal pockets on the front and side velcro closure. Velcro strap with cuffs. After the middle opening, with a drawstring. The interior is embellished with a large Rosa dei Venti StoneIsland logo and a laser tiger pattern. Double pull zip and velcro closure. Removable lining: nylon bomber jacket with long fleece lining; double sided design. The chest is embellished with Stone Island logo embellishments. Zip closure.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is made from stretch cotton velvet with Lamy nylon and velvet. This garment is specially treated with a fine down filling to withstand the ready-to-wear dyeing process. The meticulous double dyeing process adds a distinctive hue and saturation to the ready-to-wear. The dyeing formula adds special reagents to give the garment an excellent waterproofing effect. The jumper cap is equipped with a drawstring. There are air holes in the front and back. The side flap organ bag features a button closure and the other pocket features a zip closure. The cuffs are embellished with elastic bands. The gloves are filled with feathers and attached to the sleeves by snaps. Double pull zip closure.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is made from ultra-light Lamy nylon canvas and velvet inside. The fabric is matched with an adhesive film, and the fine flocking fibers of nylon are attracted by the magnetic field. A special water repellent is added to the garment dyeing formula. The slant pockets feature a zip closure. Ribbed sleeves and hem. Zip closure.

50-pin nylon-cotton blend canvas jacket

The 50-pin nylon-cotton blend canvas jacket camouflage fabric is designed with a white tiger fur pattern. Lightweight nylon-cotton blend canvas with 6 color prints, 4 pigments, 1 color paint effect polyurethane and 1 metal color. The garment is sewn with a layer of PrimaLoft® material, a unique blend of ultra-fine fibers that gives the garment excellent barrier properties. PrimaLoft® stays dry even after soaking. It is an artificial insulation material with excellent thermal insulation and extremely light weight. The garment is washed and treated with a special water repellent. Fitted with stand collar, concealed cap and drawstring drawstring. The collar and front placket are paired with wool stitching. Comes with two flip pockets and two zippered pockets. The chest vertical pocket features a zip closure. Wool ribbed cuffs. Double pull zip closure.

Nylon Metal crew neck sweater

Nylon Metal round neck sweater three-leaf nylon yarn is dyed in ready-to-wear with a metallic and iridescent appearance. Zip closure pockets. Ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem. Nylon mesh lining.

After Supreme, Stone Island x Nike’s new ride is a big move!

Supreme, which is the end of the spring and summer, is one of the hottest couples in the first half of the 2019. It is considered to be the hottest city function brand cheap Stone Island. Just as everyone regrets complaining about not being able to grab the Supreme x Stone Island cooperation product, today, according to the official news of Stone Island, this time together with the sports brand leader Nike launched a series of single-piece styles. From the official spy photos shown in the official Instagram of Stone Island, we can see that the main series of cooperation will be based on comfortable outdoor urban functions, and the whole series of cooperation products will be released on July 22. The sale will be on sale on July 25. Interested friends also please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports~

Choose your love in advance! The Stone Island x Nike Golf ride is released!

Soon after, we reported on the new joint planning of cheap Stone Island and Nike, and the relevant sales news about this cooperation series has officially surfaced. Just as Stone Island’s officially released date of the brand’s official release date, today’s official Stone Island released a series of single-piece styles with Nike. From the picture, we can see that the Stone Island x Nike Golf series includes three-piece sweaters and two assault jackets. The color scheme is mainly low-key lake blue, gray green and bright yellow. The style design is retained. Stone Island’s comfortable technical fabrics and design cuts complement Nike’s original sporting design elements. The current news indicates that this Stone Island x Nike will be available on the designated line or store on July 25th. Interested friends may wish to choose the style they like first~


It is said that STONE ISLAND has a texture than TNF, but do you know where its texture comes from?

Speaking of cheap Stone Island, many friends who love the trend of functional style may be familiar with it. In addition to its distinctive style, the most outstanding is the brand’s unremitting research and development of new materials, so that the functionality of the clothing is perfect. Recently, the brand held an exhibition in Bodega. The exhibition started with its nylon metal fabric and unique color-changing printing technology. It shows the reason why STONE ISLAND is so outstanding. It is reported that the exhibition will start from September 1st to September 17th. If you want to know more friends, please take a look at this LOOKBOOK and feel the scene in advance! Series by Bodega 184 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, MA 02115

STONE ISLAND 丨 The one that was bought by the tidal boy is actually not a trend brand?

cheap stone island

When you mention this “cheap stone island”, you may already be familiar with the trend information. However, you may not know that Stone Island, which is now being sought after by “Fashion Play”, is an “outdoor brand” that will appear in the “Daddy District” in shopping malls more than 10 years ago. The reason why it is regarded as the positioning of business and leisure type clothing, because its pricing is indeed not low, and secondly, if you do not understand the uniqueness of the fabric, it will be considered too low-key and general, will not leave people Impressed, and there is no difference with those golf brands.

Most people who have known Stone Island in recent years think that it is a trend brand brought up by Supreme. In fact, do you know that its creator is known as the “father of outdoor clothing”? Why is Stone Island able to move from a high-end outdoor function brand to the street trend, and let the compass armband become a symbol of the cult symbol?

cheap stone island coat

With these questions, let us join this “stone island” that you are familiar and unfamiliar, look at its past and present, and explore such a problem:

“What? Is Stone Island not a trend brand?

*Stone Island 2018 SS Collection from Beijing SKP

Styling& Photo by MiLK

Basic Info Getting Started Tips

Brand: Stone Island

Founder: Massimo Osti

Director: Carlo Rivetti


As a long-established fashion town, Italian fashion designers may not be able to say anything, but Massimo Osti is less “Bigger” than other Italian gods. The reason why he said this was because he had previously created a brand called C.P. Company because of his personal preference for tooling and military related elements.


About C.P. Company has to go to another story, so this time first press the table, only its “child”. Stone Island was born in 1982, and it was originally an experimental series that was tried as a branch of the C.P. Company, and later developed into a complete independent brand due to the originality of innovation. Of course, compared to the design of cutting, style and other design, the weapon that really makes Stone Island unique is still “fabric”.

Massimo OstiMassimo Osti died in the 10 years between the surgeon Stone Island, Stone Island lay to clear roadmap, so that today the main reason people Carlo Rivetti enough to leave him a valuable asset to continue to flourish, reflective jackets, thermal Inductive color-changing jacket, PU all-weather jacket, double-sided anti-wear jacket and double-layer jacket with detachable lining…etc. The design concept that is not fresh today is almost thanks to the experimental spirit of Massimo Osti. The current hot situation, saying that Stone Island is a high-end functional clothing brand may be more in line with popular knowledge, but the actual identity of it I think should be defined as “material laboratory.”

Original version Telastella

Under the family-run operation of Carlo Rivetti, Stone Island focuses on the development of unique raw material production technology with free and unrestrained creativity. At the cost of recruiting professionals to dye and reprocess fabrics, the dyeing technology is just right. In order to create a boutique with a new original style, the challenge of material and structure is constantly being challenged. In recent years, through the help of celebrities and all the big couples, Stone Island has reached the peak again. Nowadays, the online community also has “Stoney”. the new generation of young supporters, today’s garment industry keywords such as’ 90s pop elements, Urban Sportswear, really want it retroactive, also known as the “outdoor clothing godfather” Massimo Osti is inseparable relationship, regardless of cultural background about brand The technical strength of the track or pragmatic side, Stone Island’s red is not a fluke.

cheap stone island cloth

Things You Should Know

From the beginning of military and tooling to the field of raw materials research and development, and then to establish the outdoor function brand label, it seems that “Shou Shoufen” buried Stoneland, how to go all the way to clear but also seem to kill the Quartet What about the alternative? Some people think that it is a nostalgic old-fashioned returning soul, or simply a cyclical burning point. In fact, it is only necessary to review past trajectories, and history can explain everything.

01 Paninaro

Before the current Cyberpunk and high street style, Stone Island was first put on the fashion stage. It was the 1980s “Paninaro”, which was a popular symbol of overseas brands. It was really just wearing quality and wearing. Experience), as well as the British football rogue uniform culture known as “Casuals” (wearing the standard to facilitate the identification of “enemy” in the first place).

cheap stone island clothing

The target clusters that are quite different from today’s, but also the cyclical context of fashion trends, must be built through subcultures, so that the strength of the brand that can withstand the times can be continuously regenerated.

02 Drake & Travis Scott

cheap stone island brand fan Drake

The rap star Drake is well-known Stone Island “small prince with goods”, often used in a full set of equipment to show off the major occasions, is the pioneer of the brand awareness, and the upper body of Travis Scott, which is highly sought after by the new generation. Stone Island’s substantive influence extends to a wider range of popular culture. The celebrity-driven effect also triggers the exploration and normal reporting of the media position. Once this “unknown” cult atmosphere spreads, it is entering the field of fashion. Opportunity.

03 Team Up With Supreme

Supreme has always been very good at the background of the partners, and rarely only for commercial hype, the intention to pay tribute to the classic subculture always allows the new and old buyers to play more. With the trend of high-end fashion boutiques moving closer to the street culture, the Stone Island, which is closer in physical fitness, is just in a comfortable position, and it can be logically moved between different classes of markets and target people. Become the darling of the major units on the operating surface.

04 Team Up With Nike

Using the classic Windrunner jacket as a carrier, it is a collision of innovation and craftsmanship. It not only integrates Stone Island’s military and outdoor elements, but also uses Hyper Light Membrana and Membrana 3L TC nylon fabrics. Based on the convenience of the portable function, the jacket can be stored in the left pocket of the body and converted into a back pack.

Another unfortunately cool version of the collaboration in the Lunar New Year was Saker Dart, which was produced in two ways: silicone printing and special engineering printing. (In fact, this version is quite sincere)

05 “Stone Island Archivio”

& “Ideas From Massimo Osti”

On the day of the 30th anniversary of the brand’s founding, the record yearbook “Stone Island Archivio 982-012” was published, which fully presented the unique representative items and historical trajectories of the brand for 30 years, and explained its cultural background and core values from an official standpoint. The 644-page heavyweight content explains why Stone Island is so unique. After the death of Massimo Osti, the Osti Archives published the book Ideas From Massimo Osti in 2013, detailing the key design and creative materials that he had worked on in his career, which laid the rules of today’s fashion industry.

06 The Massimo Osti Archive

As an indicative menswear trade show in London, Jacket Required also co-ordinated with Proper Magazine last year a theme show to Massimo Osti to commemorate the revolutionary key works of Massimo Osti’s career, which was passed on to the public. Massimo Ost devoted his life to the concept of experimentation and innovation, commemorating his great contribution and far-reaching influence to the entire garment industry.

2018 Spring Summer Collection

*Stone Island 2018 SS Collection from Beijing SKP

Styling& Photo by MiLK

After the simple spread of the previous page, of course, it is impossible to fully detail the various fabrics and works of Stone Island in the past 30 years. Would it be better to catch up with this season? Stone Island’s Spring/Summer collection captures the modern Polish military uniform concept as the main linetone. Focus on the original camouflage created by the crocodile skin texture, and the 50 Fili Alligator Camo series. Another maritime theme spur “Marina” continues the low-key but complicated production. Thinking, the “Shadow Project” is also playing a very simple language this season, which makes the design of the slightly complicated function more refreshing.

Item Name : 50Fili Alligator Camo Jacket

*Stone Island 2018 SS Collection from Beijing SKP

The theme crocodile camouflage is fully presented in a jacket, long-sleeved top, shorts, etc. The crocodile pattern is hand-painted first, re-imaged after remake, multi-channel production process, 6-segment printing technique, 5 times pigmentation, 1 color urethane gelation effect, giving it a distinct visual effect in light and dark. The jacket style is made of lightweight Light Cotton-Nylon Rep material, which shows its ingenuity.

  • As the key fabric of this season, crocodile camouflage Alligator Camo launched two color combinations

*This crocodile camouflage was inspired by Polish AirbournCamo Jacket, which the Polish army used to serve.

Item Name : Shadow Project

NylonMetal Spider Jacket

*Stone Island 2018 SS Collection from Beijing SKP

Styling & Photo by MiLK

“Shadow Project” is a branch line operated by Acronym designer Errolson Hugh, maintaining the brand’s consistent high-end functionality, incorporating more colorful and lightweight materials, and the “Spider” jacket made by the signature material Nylon Metal exists. The feeling is very strong, the appearance is similar to the flying jacket version, the surface is mixed with metal paint to repeat the color of the polyurethane, so that the surface of this jacket not only has a metallic luster, but also has a spider-like visual effect, which is true.

Errolson Hugh, active in the field of functional sports, was invited by Carlo Rivetti in the 2000s to create the Shadow Project branch of Stone Island, designed with Parseq – compressible, resistant, close-fitting, lightweight, and given him unlimited creation. space.

Item Name : Membrana3L TC Jacket

*Stone Island 2018 SS Collection from Beijing SKP

Styling & Photo by MiLK

Previously working with Nike Windrunner shines on this Membrana 3L TC material, which is made up of three layers of lightweight, high-performance fabric: matte nylon with a polyester layer on the outermost layer. The expertise of Stone Island dyeing gives the garment a superior look.

Item Name : Marina 50 Fili +

Folded Marina Print Jacket

*Stone Island 2018 SS Collection from Beijing SKP

Styling & Photo by MiLK

The “Marina” spur line is based on the theme of nautical elements. This season’s Folded collections are made, colored and folded, and the unique hand-printing process is used to obtain unique and unique patterns. The prints of each garment are deliberately made into different effects. There will be exactly the same two pieces of clothing, and the words Marina are then transferred in red to the top of the item.

2018 Fall Winter Collection

Just a few months ago, after exposing the avant-garde experimental series “Prototype Research Series 03”, Stone Island has also released the “Icon Imagery” series of Lookbooks this fall and winter, once again showing the brand’s strong material technology. All-in-one jackets and interiors in One-Tone uniform color are used as the main axis, using Dyneema-bonded leather, faux suede, Gore-Tex, anti-hardened linen outer layer, and cotton-like velvet down. Of course, there are also iconic color-changing materials. The darker metallic color is used in the tiger-like camouflage and reflective series of industrial elements.

Speaking back to Stone Island, a functional outdoor brand that has been focused on fabric development for more than 30 years, let us know the realm of various fancy play fabrics. Looking at the surface of Stone Island can reflect such a wild experimental spirit, Massimo Osti has made a kind of For fabrics, the jacket must be made twice as large and then washed to the correct size. However, Carlo Rivetti said in an interview at Stone Island headquarters. “If I want to choose a representative jacket, I can’t do it. Every one is unique. Everything makes me feel very good. Ok, it makes me feel alive and it is very lucky to make it.”

“Stone Island is an outdoor brand that brings the trend of experimental performance.”

STONE ISLAND Shanghai flagship store grand opening, located on the second floor of Shanghai Shuo Shopping Mall!

STONE ISLAND chose to open a new flagship store in Shanghai, located on the second floor of the famous shopping mall, Nanjing Road, which features the Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow collections.

STONE ISLAND Shanghai flagship store grand opening

Cheap Stone Island chose to open a new flagship store in Shanghai, located on the second floor of the famous shopping mall, Nanjing Road, which features the Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow collections.

The large glass window fits the design and the collection, which exemplifies the brand’s philosophy – the ingenious concept of Marc Buhre, an industrial designer from Heidelberg (Germany), the founder of Zeichenweg TM Architects.

The floor is made of large triangular stone and natural oak, anodized aluminum, fiberglass, carbon and other furniture materials.


Shop 209-1, 2nd Floor, Yuou Department Store, 1601 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai

In addition to the brand official website, there are 24 stores:

Italy: Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin, Verona, Maurice Fortress, Riccione

Europe: Hamburg, Munich, Sylt, Paris, Cannes, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Stockholm

United States: New York, Los Angeles

Asia: Tokyo, Seoul, Daegu, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Which influx does not love the wind? Stone Island creates the 2019 trending City Look!

As a trend youth, in addition to the American street and Japanese trends in the closet, there is naturally a functional jacket from cheap Stone Island. As an outdoor brand, Stone Island has become the darling of the trend circle with its joint name with Supreme and its own hard-working items. Recently, Stone Island 2019’s new autumn and winter series “Shadow Project” will be officially launched. Named “Shadow Project”, this series of new products is not only empty, not only in the style of innovation, but also a one-time bring Stone Island multiple new technology, giving consumers a more functional, all-weather wearing experience. The new products include stand-up jackets, medium-length trench coats and multiple pants. The main fabric technology is the double-layer fabric called Dual Grid Nylon, which is not only light and breathable, but also enhances the tear resistance and scratch resistance of the single product. In addition, Stone Island’s exclusive wool-blend fabric, named after DPMChiné, is also used in this series, keeping warmth to the next level. It is reported that the series of new products are currently not released in detail, and interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to us and get first-hand trend information.


Nike and Stone Island bring innovative processes to combat climate change

Nike and cheap Stone Island bring innovative processes to combat climate change

The fourth and final season of the 2019 Golf Tournament will be held at the most challenging 18-hole course in Northern Ireland. The Links Stadium is known for its rolling sand dunes and coastal landscapes, and has hosted several major tournaments over a hundred years. Even in July, participants are faced with low temperatures and sudden heavy rains, so competition clothing also needs to cope with environmental changes.

Kelly Tweeden, vice president and creative director of Nike Golf, Nike Tennis and Nike Skateboards, said: “Considering the unpredictable weather during the game, it is very challenging, so we intend to focus on the jacket. Stone Island is an industry expert. Their performance and appearance are equally good, and they are naturally the best partner to find the best solution.”

The Nike x Stone Island Golf Collaboration series begins with Nike’s understanding of golfers. Both pieces (jackets and crew neck sweaters) take into account the range of activities during the swing to achieve the best results, and also designed a golf-specific multi-function pocket for golf balls, tees and gloves.

Carlo Rivetti, Creative Director and Chairman of Stone Island, said: “Those who love sports love Stone Island. I always feel passionate when I think of it. Golf is especially fascinating because it is a delicate sport in this sport. Focus and strength play a vital role in the athlete’s posture and performance. Fortunately, we cooperate with Nike Golf to design clothing, which gives us the opportunity to create real technical performance products. This is Stone Island’s first foray into the field of competition and the world. One of the elegant sports.”

Stone Island specializes in fabric innovations, injecting vibrant colors and smooth textures into these performance products. The outer layer of the Nike x Stone Island jacket is made of military-grade satin and bonded with a weather-resistant, breathable membrane. The adaptive fiber enhances breathability and locks in temperature, helping the athlete maintain optimal body temperature throughout the game.

Rory McIlroy’s comment on Nike x Stone Island:

“The Nike x Stone Island collaboration series is the perfect combination of style and performance. As an athlete, the requirement for clothing is to be able to cope with all weather conditions at any time and any course, which is very important to me. Northern Ireland The climate is changeable, and the series not only prepares me well, but also shows my personal style.”

Rivetti said: “While considering clothing, fabrics and processing, we have never given up on the pursuit of performance and functionality. Garment dyeing and other surface treatments can make fabric performance incomparably complex, and the work of the platemakers and tailors is also It will multiply, so everything must be taken into account accurately. Therefore, Stone Island clothing can stand the test in sports without a reason, but most importantly, we have won the recognition of Stone Island by sports enthusiasts. They think Stone Island is related to itself, loved and recognized.”

The collection will debut during the tournament. The jacket is available in two colours (grey and blue) and the round neck sweater is available in three colours (gray, blue and yellow) and will be available through NikeLab and designated stores.

STONE ISLAND| Last weekend I ate with the Stone Island manager Brunch

Stone Island, which has always been sought after with innovative fabrics and high-quality output, was born out of CP Company, from the Paninaro trend in Italy in the 1980s to the stars of Drake, Travis Scott and other stars in recent years… along the way, from one The high-end outdoor function brand step by step to the street trend leader, and the brand’s iconic compass armband has become a common symbol of the “cult symbol”.

Cheap Stone Island Pop-Up Store

From now on – November 30th

Dawang Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing SKP 1F

On the 30th, Beijing SKP opened the Stone Island Pop-Up Store on the first floor, and invited Stone Island Creative Director And Chairman Carlo Rivetti to help out. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we were fortunate to have a face-to-face chat with Carlo Rivetti and talked about some topics about Stone Island, trends, and attitudes…

Interview With

Carlo Rivetti

Stone Island Creative Director & Chairman


Carlo Rivetti


Stone Island Creative Director & Chairman

Carlo Rivetti

About Innovation

In most people’s eyes, Stone Island’s items are more like an attractive piece of art, so for you, is Stone Island’s biggest “glamour”?

I think it might be more appropriate to describe it as “unique”.

After a brief thought, Carlo replied.

Because we have been doing special products, doing innovation, and doing research, but we don’t take T-stages, don’t show shows, and don’t participate in Fashion Week. This is very different. Of course, I also totally agree that people regard Stone Island as a work of art.

Carlo said that his wife, sitting next to him, tacitly placed the ice on a coat made of Thermo-Sensitive, showing Stone Island’s housekeeping technology at the low temperature of the ice. It turned from yellow to dark gray, but when you put your hand on it, it regained its original color, which looks cool at all times.

We have been doing this since 1988 (this type of fabric).

Carlo pointed to the warm-coloured coat.

Today, we are still continuing to explore the innovation of this type of material and create more unique fabrics. You said, how many brands will do it now and study the thermochromic fabric? I am afraid there is not much. This is exactly what our consumers expect, so what we do is never “fashion” but “product” itself.

When it comes to special fabrics, in fact, the rainbow-reflective “Scarabeo” jacket in the Shadow Project series this season is a unique material that is particularly eye-catching. Can you tell me where the inspiration for each fabric creation comes from?

Stone Island Shadow Project “Scarabeo” Jacket

Reflective effect before and after

In fact, most of the inspiration comes from the process of doing Research. We constantly try and communicate which ideas are finally realized.

When it comes to fabric research, Carlo is excited.

At the same time, we also learn from the “mistakes”, and you know that people can always learn something new from mistakes.

About Shadow Project

But what is the connection between the Stone Island mainline and the Shadow Project fabrics and crafts every season? How to define the relationship between the two?

For me, the Shadow Project is extremely important.

Carlo stressed.

We don’t think about the practicality in the Shadow Project, so a lot of interesting ideas won’t be embarrassed, so you can try all kinds of crazy explorations.

As we did in the Prototype Research series, this series has a very limited output of up to 100 pieces each, and we do everything we can to try out almost impossible innovations. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to measure whether the new technology can achieve mass production. We can find some new and more practical elements in the Shadow Project and Prototype Research, and these elements can be put into the main line to achieve Mass production.

It sounds like the Shadow Project is more like a lab, and the innovative exploration of craft materials is at the heart of Stone Island.

Well, that’s almost the case, but the Shadow Project has less production than the main line, so our exploration of the process can go a little further. For Stone Island, creativity is a very important point. We are not just thinking about tomorrow, but also thinking about the future.

About Campass Badage

If you leave these technical innovations aside, in most people’s minds, perhaps the Stone Island classic compass armband is the most representative element of the brand?

No, no.

Carlo seriously denied this prejudice about the compass armband.

The most representative of Stone Island is the product. Of course, the compass armband is also very important. Although it is a way to resonate with different people, what Stone Island consumers want most is the “product”. Even the younger generation of consumers, while they like the compass, they will know the story and history behind the product. They are more eager for the future, so the “product” is the most important thing in Stone Island.

Halfway through the interview, Carlo has emphasized the concepts of “product” and “innovation” several times, as if it were everything for Stone Island.

About Collaboration

Stone Island×Supreme

Having said this, let’s ask the questions that all trend players are most concerned about: Stone Island and Supreme. Almost every season will lead to high-profile, can you simply tell the story behind the origin of cooperation?

To say that one summer a few years ago, I got a call from James, and it was just that I and my daughter were in the United States, so we arranged a meeting soon.

Carlo recalled with interest the interview with Supreme’s principal James Jebbia in his New York office.

At that time, James talked to me and suggested “Let’s join the joint name”, then…

Then just hit it off?

No, I said “no”.

? ? ? ? ?

Then I said to James, what we have to do is the product. Fortunately, Supreme, like us, is a product-focused company that can make quick decisions in collaboration. At the same time, Supreme is aimed at multi-consumer groups, and we can also make further contact with consumers of different cultural backgrounds and ages. In general, it is very interesting to work with Supreme.

Then if there are other brands looking for Stone Island to seek cooperation, would you agree?

We will probably reject at least 10 cooperation requests every week… too many people want to cooperate with us, but I don’t want to do this.


Because there are already too many joint names, and in my opinion, these joint names can no longer be called “Collaboration” but “Co-Branding”. They simply put the two brands together, but there is nothing. Substantial products look more like products of marketing, so we are not willing to do these so-called “joint names.”

Is there any brand that will make you want to work with them?

NikeLab or Supreme, and other innovative brands.

In The End

We are coming soon today, the last question: If a luxury fashion house invites you to be their artistic director, would you agree?

I think I will continue to do what I want to do at Stone Island and stick to what I like. Thankfully, fortunately, no one has asked me so far, and if there is, I will definitely refuse.

True love for Stone Island, ok, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed during your busy schedule…

and many more.

Just when everyone got up and said goodbye, Carlo suddenly stopped me.

I also have the pattern on your armband.

Then he rolled up his sleeves and revealed the tattoo marks he had washed on his left arm.

OM mark

On the day of the interview, I wore a quilted jacket from Maharishi. Looking closely, the armband pattern on the right sleeve is exactly the same as Carlo’s tattoo.

actually! This is also a coincidence, but I really don’t know what it means…

This is OM, a symbol from India. Carlo’s wife explained with a smile, it represents the voice of the universe, very sacred, in short, a very positive, positive energy symbol.

Perhaps Stone Island, like the OM imprint, exudes a positive exploration of the gas field, and it is also a kind of self-confidence to be self-satisfied in the complex trend.