Newly bought Stone Island, are you willing to wear a fight?

You may not love the trend, but there are indeed a group of people in the world who will regard cheap Stone Island as a “wearing suit”. Although it is not good to wear a little bit… maybe you will say that this group of people is the brain. Did you get into the water? What kind of people will deliberately put on Stone Island … to fight?

If you have seen the push we sent the day before yesterday, you should know that there are a group of people in the world called Hooligan. I don’t know anyone else, but they will…

This thermal color-changing windbreaker, dreams of whether there is demand (Source: supreme new york)

In the street fashion circle, everyone knows Stone Island, more or less from its joint name with the cosmic street brand Supreme. In addition to the iconic compass armband, which is nicknamed “The Stone Island” by the domestic hipsters, the most impressive thing is the price of thousands of dollars, which is not to be respected. Of course, the Supreme series with Supreme is also infinitely close to the price level of the real brand. At the Supreme selling price, even if it is not the most expensive, it is at least the top.

Therefore, if you have a Stone Island, everyone just wants to take pictures, concave shape, quietly be a beautiful young boy, for the trouble of fighting and hurting clothes… Don’t tease.

Although it is a movie, it is also a realistic plot (Source: “Green Street Hooligans”)

But more than 20 years ago, Hooligan, who was passionate about football (more accurately, should be “living”), has already put on Stone Island, but “photographing and playing handsome” is not their ultimate goal…

The violent elements on the football field are also fashionable?

“Green Street Hooligans” stills (Source: “Green Street Hooligans”)

The previous “spoiler” picture comes from the film “Green Street Hooligans” in Hooligan, England. The eye-catching friend must have seen the Stone Island jacket. You may ask: As a diehard, isn’t it necessary to wear the home team’s jersey? But whether in the movie or on the actual court, these buddies are not so big, not only to avoid the police, but also to easily get into the opponent’s camp to do things (be aware that if you wear the team uniform of your support team, very It is easy to be “snapped” or even “group”. It is the so-called “little clever” of Hooligan in the UK.

The first feeling, which one looks more like a rogue? In fact, the right side is the standard of Hooligan (Source: google)

At that time, Stone Island could have little to do with the words “function” and “trend”. There was only one identity certification – who is Hooligan, and the Stone Island is the Hooligan, the iconic brand of Hooligan. More than one. This is a type of dressing style that extends from the English football hooligans. It is called Casual, and later forms a subculture that is unique to Hooligan and has a unique set of “uniform language.” Of course, the “leisure style” in your understanding is still not the same definition.

Look at the picture (Source: Pinterest)

Britain has never lacked these subcultures and derived “subdued languages”. Especially after World War II, various subcultures began to sprout under the background of British society. In the mid-1970s, there was another group called Perry Boys. As you can see from the name, this group of people is wearing the symbol of Fred Perry. To create this kind of look, you only need a piece of Fred Perry V neck hood. A shirt or a Polo Tee, a pair of tight-leg jeans and a pair of brand-name sneakers (mainly adidas), the standard hairstyle is a style called Perry Haircut, probably the kind of The Beatles.

Peter Storm is famous for this windproof Anorak (Source: Awaydays)

In the mid-to-late 70s, Liverpool fans who first led the casual dressing trend, they began to dress differently from other England club fans – Peter Storm jacket, straight jeans, adidas sneakers, for the simple reason. They were the best team at the time, so they had the opportunity to go to other European countries to participate in the competition. The fans who played with the team undoubtedly became the first group to receive European fashion brands. To put it bluntly, the club is eager to compete, so there is a chance to go to the opposite side of the English Channel to see the world outside, and the fans will follow up.

Very British shirt, Polo base, and adidas sneakers on the feet, then nike is just an unknown small brand (Source: “Awaydays”)

Among them, the movie “Awaydays” (has to vomit the Chinese translation of this film – “Relaxation Day”, in fact, everyone who watches the ball knows that awaydays refers to the away game day, and the whole movie is not “relaxed”. In the end of the 1970s and early 1980s, Hooligans, their gang, The Pack, is marked by green anorak, jeans and adidas sneakers. Every time you are away, you should take a train and drink a small wine to watch the ball. By the way, I will play with the home team.

Casual This style didn’t have a specific name at first, but it was simply dressed as a fashionable fan, but as the 80s became more and more club fans, it became a fan in England. The widely recognized ethos, especially the subcultured word Casual, came into being.

According to the early news materials, Casual is wearing some expensive sportswear, buying the Italian designer’s brand, and now chasing the Logo trend, then the logo with a logo on the chest, Track Suit and other clothes must be Best Items. . For a time, these brands appeared on Hooligan – FILA, Sergio Tacchini, ellesse, DIADORA and so on.

Look at their clothes, not the retro sports style that is very popular nowadays, but the frame to be hit is still to be hit (Source: ifrm)

Gosha Rubchinskiy’s work is simply God’s restoration Football Hooligan (Source: Masha Demianova)

It is not difficult to understand why Gosha Rubchinskiy’s retro football series has cooperated with FILA and Sergio Tachinni brands. In fact, they are not randomly selected…

The shoes are a lot more, the Nike and Converse are very lonely (Source: nss)

Interestingly, many of the children who chase the Casual wave are working-class people. In the face of a track suit of more than 100 pounds, of course, there is no money to buy. One of them is daring and still threatens the store with a knife… I believe everyone Both have experienced rebellious adolescence and the stage in which parents don’t buy. In these experiences, the world is the same.

It seems that I found out that Hooligan would choose to wear the C.P. Company’s intentions, not only to cover the face, but also to prevent smoke bombs (Source: google)

Since the 1990s, Casual’s “uniform language” has changed a bit. Football hooligans began to wear the brands Stone Island, CP Company, Burberry, and Aquascutum, in describing the football smashing films “Green Street Hooligans” and “The Football”. In the Factory, the “compass” logo on the sleeves of everyone’s jackets is a representative symbol.

Paninaro (Source: Google)

Archie Maher, founder of the famous vintage Stone Island retailer Arco Maher, said in an interview: “In the UK, many people know that Stone Island is through Casual – a group of football fans who are passionate about designer brands – taking Stone Island from Italy and others. European countries brought back to the UK. Soon, this became their signature brand, and they were confident in wearing the whole person. But the first thing to put Stone Island out of its own style was in the mid-80s, a group of rich people from Milan, Italy. The second generation of young people (known as Paninaro, named after the famous Milanese coffee shop Panino cafè), they love to wear CPCompany, Moncler and Timberland, and also love to ride a motorcycle.”

Standard configuration for Casual

As if I saw the scorn chain, Supreme ain’t casual? (Image above: @supercasual_)

Open a few well-known Casual Instagram accounts, all of which are Stone Island. If you don’t know the origin and development of this subculture, you really think that European fans are now starting to mix the trend…

Some Hooligan Firm, even use Stone Island’s compass design on their own logo.

Although this badge is not very clear, this style is no stranger (image source: google)

Aberdeen Soccer Casuals

The Hooligan organization of the Scottish team FC Aberdeen was born in the 1980s. They were the first Scottish Casual group and, of course, insisted on the stadium violence for more than 20 years.

If Liverpool is the first place in England to produce Casuals, then Aberdeen is the pioneer city of Scotland. Perhaps because of the Aberdeen and Liverpool European Cup competitions in October 1980, fans from Scotland first saw visiting fans in “fashionable” sportswear, unlike their traditional red and white (Aberdeen team color) )clothes.

Aberdeen fans, Stone Island wears (Source: bpcasual)

But things changed very quickly. Aberdeen fans finally had the opportunity to go to Europe to watch and shop like the Liverpool fans in 1983. In the Champions League competition, Aberdeen first defeated the Bayern Munich and later in the final in Gothenburg. Defeated the more powerful Real Madrid. Then next year they broke into the semi-finals. In the past two years, Aberdeen fans have gone to Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary and Portugal, not only bringing back the honor of the team, but also bringing the most fashionable clothing brands back home.

This is very obvious (image source: google)

Curva Nord

Looking at this flag, it’s not hard to feel how brave this love from Lazio’s Ultra organization is to Stone Island. Although they are all from Italy, Curva Nord has shown an extraordinary love for the football subculture from England, not only in the way of cheering, but also deeply affecting their dress.

In the ball-watching area of Curva Nord (usually in a game, the main and visiting teams, different fan organizations will have their own viewing area, to facilitate the formation of a huge momentum, and secondly to prevent the occurrence of fighting), they will give their members Distribute a “watching dress guide”, especially to separate the Roman fans from the “junk” style (Lazio and Rome are rivals in the same city, and the fans on both sides will certainly not look at each other). “Our dress is a mirror of the position,” said Curva Nord’s main brain. Take a look at this “guide”:

Curva Nord member match guide (Source: nss)

Clark, New Balance, adidas shoes are ok, but football spikes and bright colors can not be worn; pants, classic tailored jeans can, suit pants are absolutely not good; fans scarf is very elegant, the correct way is to Neck, can not be tied to the arm or waist; only classic brand sunglasses such as RayBan, Persol can be worn; Mo Xigan hairstyle, small bag is absolutely forbidden…

There are still a lot of things, don’t you just watch a ball or fight a frame.

It looks like a football hooligan (Source: ifrm)

Although Casual is a subculture from the United Kingdom, because brutality is hardly liked by anyone other than the group itself, it is undeniable that this is indeed part of the daily life of the British. “The mainstream fans are disgusted with their violence. Sociologists can’t find any positive words to describe them. Even the brands that Casual likes want to stay away from this group. Unlike Punk and Mods, the academic world basically does not pay attention to Casual, but they You should try to understand.” Stuart Cosgrove, a well-known football media person, expressed his opinion.

I feel that this Burberry is about to splash a blood (Source: housinghoodbrands)

In fact, the development and popularity of many subcultures are accompanied by alcohol, violence, eroticism and even drugs. Punk and Skinhead are the best evidence. We cannot completely deny it. After all, “existence is reasonable”, but these are related to youth. The release of hormones and even the release of nature is also an important manifestation of human beings.

Purely a joy, Gua Shuai is a serious football practitioner (Source: bleacherreport)

Anyway, at least in the case of wearing Stone Island, Casual should lead us for 20 years.