Stone Island’s first brand fashion show will be officially opened in the near future

The sports function world archives a single product award.

As one of the favorite outdoor performance brands of trend players, Cheap Stone Island has previously released its 2019 new autumn and winter series Lookbook, which has recently brought us another explosive news: Stone Island’s first brand fashion show will be officially opened this month. . In this fashion show, Stone Island will select some of the archived items that are representative of the brand as exhibit items, but no specific exhibits have been released yet. There are also many netizens who speculate that this exhibition will show Stone Island’s “Black Technology” color-changing waterproof long coat, Travis Scott’s national wind half-zip windbreaker jacket and a series of heavyweights launched in cooperation with NikeLab. Single product. Stone Island’s first branded fashion show will be held from September 21st to October 6th at the BA-TSU Art Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. If you want to see the mystery of “function archive”, let’s go ahead and see it soon!

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Cheap Stone Island 2019 Fall Winter Collection Lookbook officially open

Injecting functional blood into the street.

Cheap Stone Island, one of the favorite fashion brands of trend players, recently officially opened its 2019 new autumn and winter collection of Lookbook. For more than 30 years since its inception in 1982, Stone Island has not only mastered countless sportswear “black technology”, but also won the favor of many players with its outstanding design and iconic compass logo. This Stone Island 2019 autumn and winter collection includes mid-length waterproof windbreaker, sweater and jacket, light pants, etc., still loyal to solid color design, but also jungle camouflage, multi-color stitching design as the main item debut, for the whole The collection brings a sense of freshness.

In order to be more suitable for daily wear and close to people’s lives, Stone Island this season brings a new item with a blazer as a blueprint, and the left arm also adds a non-negligible compass armband detail. At present, Stone Island has not announced the release date of the 2019 autumn and winter series new products, but the series will be officially launched on the official website in the near future, and the function boys must keep close attention!

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Cheap Stone Island 2019 Fall Winter GHOST PIECES Series Released

Details and aesthetic inspiration are inspired by classic functional uniforms.

Italian function pioneer Cheap Stone Island once again brought updates to the 2019 Fall/Winter collection and today released the new season GHOST PIECES series. Although the overall design is based on the concept of camouflage, the series are distributed in black, white, navy blue, military green and other monochrome products. The original Stone Island logo was also “stealth” and replaced with a special version of the same color as the clothing, with a more introverted and understated theme of “GHOST”. In addition, this season’s jackets are made of “Tank Shield” with complex process but waterproof and breathable, and equipped with a detachable down lining, which greatly enhances the wearability and functionality of the garment. The series is now officially on the official website. If you still lack a functional jacket this winter, Stone Island will be a great choice.

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Why is Cheap Stone Island so hot now?

As an Englishman in a street fashion scene, you may have noticed that a one-way cultural dialogue is taking place. Everyone knows American street culture. Almost the whole world wears Jordan and Supreme, listens to Kanye West, and speaks American slang. The United States is the birthplace of street fashion, so this trend is inevitable, I am true.

However, British culture has recently become popular in the United States. Drake and Skepta became good partners, Palace Skateboards momentumed to Supreme, and even some of my New York counterparts began talking about the brand in the INS.

Walking in the forefront of British street culture, Cheap Stone Island has been popular all over the United States. Although it originated in Italy, the brand, and its highly recognizable compass symbol, has always been an integral part of the British street.

Stone Island—or affectionately known as “Stoney”—was recently opened a flagship store in Los Angeles, the third year of its popularity with Supreme. Rappers like Drake and Travis Scott are also waving their sleeves with branded logos in front of thousands of viewers who have never seen Stone Island.

A$AP Nast and Travis Scott even argued on the Internet who first discovered “Stoney.” It’s like a burlesque – a bit like the grudge between Biggie and Tupac.

Given the rapid development of Stone Island in the United States, we should take this opportunity to make American readers more aware of the rich background of Stone Island and its importance in British fashion.

“Stone Island is rich in history, cultural connotations, and has an excellent design,” said Tol Hot Limited’s Ollie Evans. Ollie is a London Stone Island dealer who has been running this brand of old merchandise for many years. In 1999, he first met Stoney, when the staff of Birmingham City Zulu, a company of hardcore football fans, wore it for the Birmingham team.

“From the very beginning, Stone Island has a lot of fans in Europe,” Ollie explained. “In Italy in the 1980s, it was first favored by young people who are passionate about the Paninaro culture. The Paninaro culture was deeply influenced by the American films of the 1950s, but it also contained some Italian sports brands. Around the same time, British football fans followed them. The team participated in the European Cup competition and began to bring these brands to the UK, drawing on the Paninaro style and forming their own culture.”

When it comes to Stone Island, you have to mention the leisure culture of the stands. It is a subculture that was popular among the British football fans who liked the exaggerated design in the 1980s. Compared with previous generations of football hooligans who liked their team uniforms, this generation of football fans used exaggerated costumes to avoid the attention of the police and fans of the first team.

“These brands were hard to buy at first, and they were only available in Europe, so a culture of superiority began to pop up among those who wanted to buy more rare, more expensive and more creative products. Stone Island With the constant breakthrough of self-design, it aptly caters to this demand. Stone Island has gradually become part of the leisure culture.”

Stone Island perfectly caters to the taste of casual sports – expensive and visually appealing, and the brand logo on the sleeves allows fans to easily identify their companions without causing excessive attention. Regardless of whether Stoney is happy or not, it is inextricably linked to football hooliganism, and you will find that from Middlesbrough to Moscow, Stoney’s compass logo is spread throughout the stands and football venues.

However, Stone Island has now expanded its business beyond casual wear and can be seen in the inner city communities across the country—especially in London; in many people’s eyes, the logo on the Stone Island sleeve is masculine. An original performance. Then we can roughly guess – perhaps Drake’s love of this style and his close connection with Skepta and Boy Better Know prompted Drake to discover Cheap Stone Island.

Although Cheap Stone Island has a constant relationship with the tough guys and street villains (to some extent), the success of Stone Island is that it continues to break through its own innovative designs and novel fabrics. “The relationship between Stone Island and innovation is a cliché,” Ollie explained. “They have been constantly breaking through the limits of clothing technology and creating new products that others can’t think of. Since the 1980s, Stone Island has been producing reflective and thermal reaction clothing beyond other brands.”

It’s easy to see Stone Island’s high-tech and more manly masculine military style. “This is the real boy brand.” Ollie added. “It’s like, wow, this coat will change color! This one can also be reflective! This piece is made of stainless steel! This is a culture that really makes you superior, and makes you look better than your companions. “”

Cheap Stone Island’s stunning aesthetics and innovation are attributed to its designer Massimo Osti, who founded the brand in 1982 and also runs other brand companies, CP Company and Boneville. Osti left Stone Island in 1995 and founded Massimo Osti Productions and Left Hand until his death in 2005.

“Massimo Osti has designed a blueprint for Stone Island, and his valuable wealth has been far-reaching. He is bringing us a reflective jacket, a thermo-reactive color coat, a weather-proof jacket with polyurethane lining, and an inner and outer anti-wear jacket. The detachable lining of the double-layered jacket. These design ideas are now commonplace, and I can guarantee that some of his works are in the archives of other high-end fashion boutiques around the world or anywhere else.”

In fact, many of the ongoing collaborations between Supreme and Stoney are tribute to Osti. “I like Osti’s design in the 80s and 90s, so I am very happy to see his design again borrowed from Supreme’s collaborative products,” Ollie continued. “The wharf-style striped shirt, thermal reaction jacket, Tela Stella jacket (the core of Supreme and Stone Island SS15) and the helicopter jackets from their first collaboration with configuration goggles are all designed by Osti.”

This is an interesting time for Stone Island and Supreme. These two brands have a long way to go since they were founded, and they are involved in unfamiliar areas. Stone Island faces consumers on the other side of the Atlantic, and they know very little about their brand history, innovation and cultural significance – only a handful of rappers have a cooperative intention and a world’s hottest street fashion. Brand cooperation.

On the contrary, Supreme is attracting more and more young consumers, and their understanding of the history of the brand is rarely disrespectful and anti-cultural. Both Supreme and Stone Island face the same challenge: how to establish a new field and attract a large number of consumers while maintaining their brand’s credibility and historical integrity.

Ollie’s Too Hot Limited has a large collection of historical treasures from Stone Island and other standwear brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, CPCompany (Massimo Osti’s first brand), Prada Sport (Italy Prada in sportswear) A brand in the field), Iceberg and Burberry. Too Hot Limited also published an internal editorial recalling the 1990s and the beginning of this century, when the flamboyant design swept the UK.


Interview with Cheap Stone Island: No joint name for joint name

Speaking of Cheap Stone Island, in addition to the iconic compass logo, I believe many people think of it and NikeLab, Supreme which are hard to find, and because of this, this has been focused on functionality and practicality since its birth. The Italian brand has become “unexpected” in recent years, and has been tagged with trends, and is also the best choice for experienced players who are looking for functional clothing.

But like its name, Stone Island always gives a mysterious chilly feeling, cool promotional videos, cool-toned store atmosphere, ungrounded market activities, and even the most popular connections are not often Do, this is not the same as the daily operation of other Hype brands.

Recently, Stone Island’s POP-UP landed in Beijing SKP, and the owner, Mr. Carlo Rivetti, also unveiled the scene. So I had the opportunity to take a look at Stone Island’s stomach problem and come to the POP-UP scene to have a light chat with Mr.Carlo. To understand Stone Island’s “rigorous” standards of collaboration, an understanding of fashion, and the original intention of setting up the Shadow Project, let’s take a look:

Carlo Rivetti

Stone Island

⌈Stone Island has both 60-year-old and 20-25-year-old young consumers⌋

Simply introduce ourselves to ourselves.

Carlo Rivetti: I am Carlo Rivetti. My family has been involved in the textile and apparel business and started to join the family business in 1982. I am the head of the Italian brand Stone Island with a long history and I am very happy to be in Beijing.

Among young people, Stone Island is popular because of the prevalence of street culture, such as the cooperation with Supreme, can share how it happened?

Carlo Rivetti: Stone Island has a 37-year history, but we are not directly related to street culture. Now it can be associated with the younger generation. It is important to work with NikeLab and Supreme to connect with different groups. Things. I like Supreme very much. It has a brand with more than 20 years of history and even changed the fashion circle. Their products are very suitable for the taste of modern young people.

(About the cooperation with Supreme) One day I received a call from the United States, and then I met the staff of James Jebbia and NikeLab, so everyone hit it off and decided to do something together. In fact, I have always been cautious about joint names, because there is too much cooperation just to put the two brands together. For example, when James Jebbia said that we should be a joint name, I will say no at the beginning. The key to the cooperation is that it only makes sense when both James and James like this joint product. This is what I think is correct. Joint method.

(Source: Supreme New York)

What do you think is the commonality between street culture and Stone Island?

Carlo Rivetti: As we said before, we have a 37-year history. Our aesthetic language, product style and way of doing things have not changed. Although young people like street culture, we don’t make a living. Fortunately, the group that loves street culture now also likes Stone Island.

Now, the main consumer group of Stone Island is…

Carlo Rivetti: In Europe, Stone Island has both 60-year-old customers like me and 20-25 year olds. This is a magical thing.

Oh, I don’t want to cooperate with the new brand. Now many cooperations don’t have much sincerity.

In the past few years, functional fabrics have become more popular in fashion circles and street circles. What do you think of this trend?

Carlo Rivetti: This has always been what we are doing. Functionality, practicality, innovation and technology are the DNA of Stone Island. Now more people can pay attention to it, and it also represents the affirmation of our brand and products. Stone Island neither catches up with fashion nor follows the street trend. Everyone likes Stone Island to follow their own path.

For example, brands such as Nike and Uniqlo now attach great importance to the use of functional fabrics. Will this put pressure on you?

Carlo Rivetti: Actually, Nike doesn’t always use functional fabrics, but what’s interesting is that in the case of the same performance fabrics, they are doing sportswear, we are making more functional garments, so It doesn’t put pressure, and sometimes we do better than other brands. For example, some Gore-tex fabrics are only owned by us, and many innovative uses are also pioneered by Stone Island. In addition, professional organizations engaged in textile research and innovation know that Stone Island is better able to present new features and technologies.

Will this trend have other effects for you?

Carlo Rivetti: The only thing we have to do now is to continue to do more innovation. Fortunately, Stone Island currently has enough innovative concepts to meet the future for a long time. While functionality is important, the design of the product cannot be ignored, and we aim to make products that combine performance, creativity and appearance.

Will this trend make Stone Island the object of everyone’s cooperation?

Carlo Rivetti: In fact, we continue to receive invitations from around the world, at least 10 times a week, but I don’t want to work with new brands, especially in the case of a perfect collaboration with NikeLab and Supreme. As I said before, there is not much sincerity in many cooperation.

ICE JACKET (color source: Stone Island) that can change color at different temperatures

What functional fabrics does Stone Island have become more and more popular?

Carlo Rivetti: Ice Jacket, born in 1988, has evolved into the leather version of Ice Jacket. Since it has been working on innovative technologies, now we can make things that we couldn’t do in the past. They are all on Stone Island. Landmark fabric technology.

The best products are the first one, and the next is the armband.

But now many people buy Stone Island just for the compass armband, Logo worship is getting more and more serious, it seems that in their eyes, the performance of the fabric is not comparable to the logo on the sleeve, how do you and Stone Island think about this phenomenon?

Carlo Rivetti: First of all, this armband is detachable, and in Europe it has evolved into a community culture. When two people wearing Stone Island meet, they will find a sense of identity with each other because of this armband. I want to bring this sense of identity to China, where I form a similar community culture.

Secondly, for Stone Island, the core of the product is the quality of the product. In the European market, what our consumers are most concerned about is the product, the younger generation is also the same, followed by the iconic compass armband. I personally think that a good product is the first one, and then the armband.

In addition to continuing to work on fabrics, will Stone Island do more in the future?

Carlo Rivetti: Actually, it’s not that Stone Island is doing men’s clothing. The fashion trend is unpredictable. Today’s fashion may be out of date tomorrow. We are neither going to show nor show, more like the dimension of industrial design. Into the fashion circle, this is a unique feature of Stone Island. So we don’t deliberately catch up with fashion, but instead use more energy in technological innovation and our own style of design.

Would you choose to use the popular social media to open the Chinese market?

Carlo Rivetti: Stone Island is active on social media in Europe and the United States, and needs to work hard in China. This is why I came here this time. I think social media is the most important way of communication now, so to open up the Chinese market, we need to do more in new media. We will use the same publicity as in Europe and the United States. The 37-year history represents Stone Island. There are many stories to share with you, but this is a long-term process. I don’t think everything is done overnight.

After 10 years, Errolson’s design can still touch me and our consumers⌋

Shadow Project

Talk about Shadow Project! This year is the 10th anniversary of the Shadow Project. What was the starting point for the initial establishment of this branch?

Carlo Rivetti: The Shadow Project is somewhat experimental, it doesn’t have a particularly large production volume (up to 100 pieces each), so when we have the latest fabric technology, we will first apply it to this branch. After determining the feasibility of these un-industrial fabrics, they can be extended to the main line.

Errolson Hugh, in addition to his own brand ACRONYM, has also worked with Stone Island and Nike for a long time.

What was the opportunity to find Errolson Hugh?

Carlo Rivetti: Ten years ago, I saw a sports mountaineering brand that was inspired by the wear of Tibetan monks. After reading it, I felt great. The designer must be a genius. Then I met Errolson. After we became friends, we decided to do something together, so we had the Shadow Project. For him, this is a new field, and for Stone Island, it is interesting to hire a designer with a completely different cultural background. He is different from anyone else on our design team. When different cultures are combined, there are usually some wonderful chemical reactions.

Shadow Project 10th Anniversary Special Series (Source: Stone Island)

What is the biggest difference he brings to Stone Island?

Carlo Rivetti: In many ways, Errolson’s ideas are completely different. I still clearly remember the zipper he showed me for the first time, completely overturning the previous Stone Island product. So I think that starting from the details can also bring about major changes. Secondly, he also made a big difference in the way he made clothes. After 10 years, I was very happy to see that his design still touched me and our consumers. This is very important.

Traditional ladies’ fashion may not have much demand for functional fabrics, but we can see more and more young girls starting to wear Stone Island, and the taste of street girls is gradually approaching boys. What do you think of this phenomenon?

Carlo Rivetti: Many girls are now wearing Stone Island. They don’t care if it’s men’s or women’s wear, especially in Europe. Consumers are becoming more and more savvy, they all need high quality products, and girls are the same. So when you want to buy a high-quality clothes, you will come to Stone Island. We know that our quality is undoubtedly superior.

In the face of more and more female consumers, will we consider opening up women’s clothing lines in the future?

Carlo Rivetti: No, it seems that we don’t need women’s spurs, they are already wearing men’s clothing from Stone Island, aren’t they? !

Through this face-to-face chat, Stone Island and Mr. Carlo both gave me a cool feeling. They not only have independent thinking ability, but also form a complete world view of their own, which is why no matter how the fashion trend changes. Stone Island has always insisted on the constant exploration of fabrics and technology.

Of course, the personality is too bright and often do not do it. It is impossible to achieve “eight-faced exquisiteness”. The screening of brands and customers is two-way, as “YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR” says. If you happen to be keen on functional clothing, feel free to visit the Stone Island Pop-Up in SKP, Beijing before November 30!

At the launch of Supreme x Cheap Stone Island, I saw a third-party black technology.

At the Tokyo sales site of Supreme x Cheap Stone Island 2017 FW, the trend of Japan and overseas was highlighted and displayed this week. It is worth mentioning that heavy rain has started in Shibuya on the day of the sale, but this does not reduce the heat of trend lovers.

▲ The scene of the sale of wealth

The hot spot on the scene is due to the brand blessing of the street king Supreme, but it must be said that it is also closely related to his joint object Stone Island. Stone Island is known for its brand-rich fabrics and designs. It can be said that the joint name of the two brands is also an organic blend of two different styles, which is sincere.

▲ This season’s joint topic is quite high

Supreme’s new and old items are mostly worn or used by people from all walks of life. The success of the queued scene turned into a fashion show for Supreme. However, the untimely rainfall has made the scene awkward, and most players can only rely on cold hats and jackets to maintain the previous year. But at the scene we found this.

That’s right, an umbrella, a 3M umbrella with a Supreme logo print. But it really isn’t a simple umbrella. The reason for this is not because it is a single item launched by the King of Roasted Meat, nor because the umbrella-bearing teenager stands out in the rain. Rather, it acts as a rain gear, and it is just as great as the protagonist of the day, Stone Island, with its technologically rich fabrics and designs.

▲ Supreme 16fw shedrain umbrella 3M

Want to know where you are? The highlight of the 16 Fw Supreme 3M Umbrella is definitely not just on its 3M. It’s a joint list. How hot and sturdy the Supreme joint name is, you must know it, and Supreme’s joint object is definitely not a nameless person.

Hermes of the umbrella

An umbrella brand, can you still have a big deal? As you might think, this is a brand that was established as early as 1947. Time can tell a lot of things, but in addition to a long history, what else can this umbrella brand say? Don’t worry, I promise you won’t regret it.

ShedRain, a family brand specializing in rain gear in the United States, a brand that provides a lifetime warranty. Because Oregon’s climate is warm and rainy, there are an average of 155 rainy days per year. In 1947, ShedRain was founded in Portland, Oregon, and a legend was born.

▲ ShedRain Auto Open Stick Umbrella

Since it is called legend, ShedRain must have its own uniqueness. Different from luxury brands, it is famous for its luxury design and only exists in the umbrellas of high society and fashion shows.

▲ Vintage Middle Ages LV Flower Umbrella

▲ Chanel airlines rain and rain umbrella

It is also different from the McQueen umbrella that used to be highly popular in the dark style.

▲ Alexander McQueen Shantou Umbrella

More different from the major trend brands, the seasonal rain gear launched for the consumption heat, the logo printing is sold without any sincerity.

▲ A Bathing Ape Camo printed transparent umbrella

ShedRain’s winning key lies in its superior quality and design that is always avant-garde in the times. All Lifemarks on the ShedRain brand will be labeled “Lifetime Warranty”. Therefore, many people joked that if you want to buy ShedRain’s umbrella, you must pick a good look. Because it is not good to accidentally use this umbrella for a lifetime… Dare to make such a package, how to think about the quality.

Stunning materials and designs

As mentioned in the previous article, ShedRain’s material and design are also highly avant-garde and technological. As an umbrella, his composition naturally consists of two parts: the rib and the umbrella. ShedRain’s ribs have evolved from the earliest wood, copper, and stainless steel, and have been used in the highest grades of FRP fiberglass. Features of FRP materials In addition to the sturdy texture of thin materials, the two most important points are: non-conducting and anti-corrosion. This also guarantees the safety and durability of the ShedRain umbrella.

▲ Teflon material loaded with Teflon and ribs made of FRP fiber

In terms of the umbrella surface, the entire line of ShedRain umbrellas is made of Teflon. I have started a product of this brand. After being used in rainy days, the surface of the umbrella is slightly shaken, and the rainwater will converge into large raindrops that will automatically fall off the umbrella surface. It can be said that such quick-drying technology has greatly improved the convenience of use, and it is also similar to the quick-drying fabrics of the popular sports brands. ShedRain has always enjoyed the reputation of Hermes in the umbrella, so it is known that its design is very different from the popular way. Good design is often seen, and ShedRain pays special attention to the details of the umbrella.

▲ The details on the top are guaranteed to not leak

The most handsome of ShedRain is his black technology product, which can be used to charge the e-Motion automatic umbrella. The umbrella can be automatically opened and closed with a single push of a switch. Freedom in and out of the room, free your hands. It is worth mentioning that e-Motion can be charged for a few months at a time. This long-lasting power usage can be used to outperform all types of mobile phones with a long standby.

The trend of the trend is the product of life, so it must not be separated from life. Otherwise, in the past few years, supreme will not turn over the cold food of the daily necessities. You can use a logo and a blast to make me admit that you are a hipster, but look at the city where you are wearing a functional coat and poncho and still can’t escape the heavy rain. I still choose to be silent and raise ShedRain in my hands.

Nike Golf x Cheap Stone Island is announced in one piece, the collision between the strongest technology!

In the Supreme season, sneakers are not available for sale at the end of July. One of the hottest content of the past few days was the new collaboration between Nike and Cheap Stone Island. Nike chose his own golf spur to design coats and sweaters with Cheap Stone Island.

When the preview map was released, everyone was full of enthusiasm. I was full of expectations for this cooperation and I was thinking about it. But after seeing the real upper body catalogue, many friends hesitated.

Nike and Stoneisland have launched two color matching products, one is a jacket (no yellow), and the other is a sweater. Nike’s logo is integrated into the costume with a very low-key covert design. The color matching also uses three solid colors of indigo, khaki and lemon yellow. What is the joint name of this time?

The true meaning of this cooperation lies in the technology of both sides of the brand. First of all, it is the heavy item of this cooperation. RASO-R 3L jacket, 3L, as the name implies, this jacket is composed of three layers of fabric, and Nike is used inside. Hyperadapt technology, the exterior uses super elastic nylon mesh and jersey fabric, the purpose is to achieve super elastic and high breathability, thereby enhancing the performance of the clothing in sports, while achieving waterproof and breathable effect.

The color of the garment comes from Stoneisland’s ready-to-wear dyeing technology, which gives the jacket a sense of technology.

The other is a round-neck sweater with double-layered light-elastic nylon. The sweater has a yellow color, and the body has a sporty design on the shoulder for the athlete to swing.

This series is made of high-performance materials, which can be used for different environments. It can be said that it is a very functional cooperation.

It seems that this cooperation may disappoint some fashion people. This cooperation is more professional and functional. It uses the technology of both sides to create the strongest sportswear, and the price of high technology will also be Very expensive pricing. What do friends think about this cooperation? The series will be released globally on July 25th. If you want to buy friends, you should always pay attention.

A girl who loves to wear Sup and cheap Stone Island, but says she is poor.

Ceara Maya, 18-year-old London high school student, is a loyal fan of Supreme and cheap Stone Island. She answered in a foreign media interview about her family background that her friends are most concerned about. “I never spent too much money on one. On the clothes, because I can’t sell the same price when reselling. The £210 Supreme Roses Sherpa is the most expensive I have ever bought. According to last month I estimated that I spent about £500, but if I didn’t Working and not selling anything, there is only £50 in pocket money.”

When was Ceara Maya’s favorite Stone Island brand established? That was in 1982.

At that time, the company was called C.P., and it was born. C.P. is considered the father of all Italian casual wear brands. Its “subtitle” is “Massimo Osti’s Creativity”, Massimo is a graphic designer and intellectual born in Bologna. In the mid-1970s, he was the first person to be interested in spare military uniforms. He understood the enormous cultural wealth in the Italian antique market. Throughout the ages, there have been countless countless ancient and modern armies. Massimo was the first person to study the functional characteristics of these garments. He sorted out different garment versions, pockets, fasteners and clothing accessories, and studied the appearance of clothing wear and the fading effect of historical flavor. In order to recreate these garments, he perfected an advanced garment dyeing laboratory and some printing plants in the Ravarino area of ​​Modena province. He set out to study the materials and structure, then fuse them, add coatings, and dye the finished product to change the garment.

One day, a special material appeared: a heavy truck tarpaulin with a red side and a blue side. What is it used for? In order to transform it into a fabric for the garment, he put it in the machine for a few hours of stone washing and then softened its structure through a softening process. The first prototype has an incredible effect, but it is completely different from all C.P. products and is not part of the logo. Therefore, we finally decided to make 7 coats called “TelaStella” with this unique fabric and named the series: Stone Island.

Stone Island has a nautical style, like a tarpaulin that has been corroded by sea water, and an army style based on the research background at the time. The name also symbolizes the love of the ocean and the process of manufacturing it. This badge – an embroidered logo that makes the brand stand out from the first series – contains a compass pattern, like a medallion on a military uniform.

Previously playing Supreme’s net red, what brand are you playing now? Of course, the cheap stone island

Supreme has long been squandered by Supreme Italy, supreme NYC, supreme Spain and other “legal” fakes.

Ordinary players are only waiting for the box logo every year and there is nothing to look forward to.

It seems that today’s supreme has no exciting single items, and it is not too much to say that it is being abandoned by major online red and trend icons.

Next, let’s take a look at the net reds who used to be popular with Suprem. What brand are they playing now?

Goddess Adrianne Ho

No one will reject Yan Hao’s long legs and hot hot girls, just like no one can stand up to the body and wear a semi-nude swimsuit, the absolute temptation of the sexy body.

Adrianne Ho, known as the sweat goddess, brought her 30th birthday last month.

Compared with the one that relied on the unique men’s clothing match, she became the Supreme model. She is still the one who can get tens of thousands of praises in the ins with a cool swimsuit.

It was only that Adrianne, who had only spurted her body and hooked her eyes, could let her all the upper body official website “sold out” for a second.

Although Adrianne’s ins still has the shadow of the Sup singles in the season, the careful friends should have discovered that our goddess has long since changed its mind.

Because she is not the first time to quietly take off the Supreme items, sneak into the hottest cheap Stone Island.

In this year’s trip to Japan, the goddess repeated the same functional trousers three times.

This street brand from Italy, Stone Island, can capture Athena’s brand three times in a row by capturing the heart of the goddess?

To know that the street culture is in the United States, the American people speak the street slang, the American Jordan makes the Air Jordan fire all over the world, and the absolute KOL Kanye West is the pure American.

In such a big environment, the British street culture is rising, constantly challenging the status of the “Old King”.

The momentum of the Palace is almost equal to Supreme, and Stone Island has long been popular in the United States, becoming the most talked about brand in the INS.

The design of Stone Island, known as the “Stone Island” by Chinese fans, was inspired by the excitement of the football hooligans used to avoid the police and security guards in the 1980s.

Earlier with Supreme joint series

They are covered in the face of the home team’s graffiti, a collar high into the breathable jacket and old-fashioned sweatpants, so that they dare to sit in the manager’s room in the morning to drink hot cocoa, the big boss and away team fans who work on their own work. In the streets of London, a deadly battle.

Because they are the last batch of “Red Army” professional football gangs in the Manchester United club in the 1980s.

Of course, this is why Stone Island was originally only available in Europe, and Stone Island’s “masculine tough guy + functional military” style has also brought a large number of outdoor sports fans.

Waiting for this year’s 19ss series, not only the classic tooling trousers are frequently worn by the goddess Adrianne, the excellent military design and the comfortable material of sportswear.

Coupled with the application of cutting-edge metal nylon fabrics, Stone Island is known for its “function” and “pioneer” design. There are also a few celebrities on the upper body of Stone Island.

Increase the chance of buying the original price! Supreme x Stone Island official release update!

Just yesterday we updated the official cooperation catalogue of Supreme and cheap Stone Island and the overall appearance of the clothing. In terms of the style design released, the collaboration between the two parties was inspired by Stone Island’s use of the lightweight Silk Light fabrics that were favored in the early 1980s, and the styles were also from vests such as outdoor jacket hoodies and short-sleeved shorts. The outdoor accessories are fully covered in style. Yesterday we reported that the Supreme x Stone Island will be on sale at the Supreme online store on March 14th. According to the latest news from Stone Island, the following Supreme x Stone Island joint series will be held on March 16th. Will be registered in the official Stone Island official store and the global online official website, which means that the chances of buying the joint-stock series at the original price will be greatly improved, and interested friends can prepare to start ~